YoungTri at Toughman! {YT Sunglasses & Beggs on Banners}

Today, Toughman took place in beautiful Croton-On-Hudson, NY. My awesome cousin Katherine (she’s a superb swimmer and even made it to Zones this summer! You have to be really fast to qualify :)) went to Toughman with her friend Delaney, volunteered, and rocked her YoungTri sunglasses!

My Uncle Mike (Kay’s dad), uncle Billy, cousins Molly and Billy also raced.

Check out Toughman’s site for more info on some of their upcoming races. I did the race a few years ago and loved it, and my family is a big fan of the race!

photo 1-4

YT shades!

photo 2-2

Delaney and Kay! Uncle Mike is on the banner!

photo 3-3

Mike standing next to himself 🙂

photo 4-2

Awesome athlete bracelets!

photo 3-2

Lovin’ Toughman!

photo 1-3

Delaney and Kay in their shades!

photo 2-1

The Toughman Begg gang! Mike, Kay, Billy, Molly, and Billy

Tri Hard,