One Week. {Best Friends Race Together}

One week.

One week until Kaitlin and I finally do our first race together! I can’t believe I’ve known her for over two years — and that I met my best friend through YoungTri!

1069879_10201733725771309_1622987679_n (1)

Reppin’ our YT shirts at IMLP in 2011!

249263_2277844712015_703874_n (1)

First night we met in 2011!

418258_3409280997215_20045378_n (1)

My first time visiting Kaitlin in Florida!

551047_4127555593631_1733381936_n (1)

Kaitlin’s first time coming to Glen Rock!

She means the world to me & I know that we’ll be doing races together even when we’re old ladies 🙂

Stay tuned for a race report & more from our race in Buzzards Bay, MA next week!

Do you race with any of your best friends or have you met any best friends through triathlon? How has it made you love the sport even more?

Tri Hard,