More Organized = More Time for Workouts. {some tips}

One thing I’ve discovered {especially over the past year}: being neat & organized makes life a whole lot easier. Sure, you can get things done when you’re messy, but it definitely makes things a little bit harder and a lot more stressful. Being organized helps your mind stay clear and tasks organized — which can help you make sure you fit in that extra workout that you need to, or completed that paper right on time. I find that I have time for extra workouts if I’m organized and stick to following my lists! 🙂

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  • Make lists. This is DEFINITELY the most important. There is just no possible way that your brain can keep track of all of the crazy things that are going on in your life. I made a “to-do list wall” in my dorm in front of my desk. I have a list called “Daily Schedule” under which I list everything that must get done for the day. Next I have a “YoungTri short-term to-do list”, a “YoungTri long-term to-do list”, a “Harvard Tri” to-do list, a “Miscellaneous to-do list”, a “To buy” list, a “School to-do” list, next to my schedule and pink post-its with my assignments due that week. Of course your lists will look a little different than mine, but you get the idea 🙂
  • Prioritize Tasks. With my “mandatory to-do” list, I make sure I outline everything that MUST get done for that day. This helps prioritize tasks to make sure nothing important gets forgotten!
  • Learn when to say no. This directly helps with organization and time management. You can’t do everything. And that’s okay. Remind yourself of what’s important, stick to that, and don’t overwhelm yourself with too many unnecessary activities or tasks. It takes a toll on your body and mental health.


My to-do list wall! Right above my desk. Definitely helps me stay on top of things!


I like to color code my subjects 🙂


My two go-to organizational notebooks that help me keep track of everything.

What are your favorite organizational tips?

Tri Hard,