Just Freestyle? No Way! {Try this Mixed Stroke Set for a Great Workout!}


My teammates and me at a district champ meet last year!

Many triathletes tend to focus on just freestyle. “Why wouldn’t you?” You say, “You’re only going to be racing freestyle during a triathlon, so there’s no reason to practice other strokes.”

While it’s true that you won’t be swimming fly, back, or breast during a triathlon, it is still beneficial to practice other strokes! Mixing up strokes during practice keeps the body balanced and even and uses different muscles that you use during the bike and the run.

Although you may not be as good at the other three strokes as you are at freestyle, practicing them a couple times a week will greatly improve your strength and overall swimming skills!

IM/Freestyle set:

4x200s as 100 free, 100back with 20 seconds between each 200

Kick set:
8x100s kick as 50free kick/50 fly back or Brest kick. Rest 15 seconds between each 100

Free/IM main set:
4x100s freestyle moderate pace
50 easy
3x100s freestyle moderate pace, 1×100 IM fast!
50 easy
2x100s freestyle moderate pace
2×100 IMs fast!
50 easy
1×100 freestyle moderate
3×100 IMs fast!
50 easy
4×100 IMs FAST

Warm down! Great job!!