Four Tri Treats: Healthy & Low Cal! {Skinny Brownie in a Mug, Healthy Cookies, & More}

Sometimes, we just need a treat. Whether it’s after a workout, to satisfy a random craving or otherwise — sweets once in awhile are always a nice treat. If you want a yummy snack but don’t want to go crazy on the calories, check out the tri treats below!

Skinny Brownie in a Mug

Made with only a little bit of flour (try GF flour if you can’t have gluten!), granulated sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, vanilla, and plain yogurt (can be substituted), this easy snack can be made anywhere and definitely satisfies the sweet tooth! This was featured in the YT Times Newsletter yesterday, but we linked to the wrong recipe — oops! Click so you can make it and enjoy 🙂
IMG_7610 (1)

Raw Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream

Creamy ice cream without the guilt! (or dairy)

f75f11eed2df0d657c9ac9da4439726ab717e499 (1)

Healthy Cookies – No Flour or Sugar

Healthy cookies that taste great 🙂


“Clean” Banana Bread

Made without sugar or and oil — with honey and applesauce instead!


What are your favorite healthy treat recipes?

Tri Hard,



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