Annoying & Unexpected Injuries.

Injuries are the worst — especially serious ones. I always feel so badly for the athletes I see at the trainer or otherwise who have serious long-term injuries that prevent them from competing.

However, annoying, nagging, and unexpected injuries can also be a source of frustration.

I walked into the side of a door after lunch last week (yes, cue the uncoordinated jokes, haha) and ended up cutting off part of my toe — which then turned into a foot injury from me walking on it in an improper fashion. So… now I’m in a boot for a week. Nothing but abs and upper body lifting for me for a bit! Which has been annoying. But, it has also put things into perspective — that it’s nothing too serious. (Hopefully) it’ll only be a week or so long ordeal.


My boot 😦

I’m super disappointed that I have to miss my team’s first race this weekend, but I’m also glad that I’ll be able to nip this injury in the bud before it becomes something more serious.

I think the key to annoying, unexpected injuries like these is just to stay positive. It’ll be back to normal soon. 🙂

Have you had an unexpected or annoying injury lately? How has it affected your training? Email and let us know.

Tri Hard,