Swimming Through Texas: Second Year!

Another year as a Texas Longhorn swimmer is in full swing! Classes are harder than last semester, and the swimming is too!

I spent this summer in Houston (my hometown) swimming and trying to figure out what medical issues I have with my shortness of breath and extra heart beats. After multiple doctors and doctor visits, I was finally able to conclude that I have a bad case of acid reflux. During swim practice, the acid in my stomach would come up and irritate my lungs and heart. It was not a fun time. But with a change to my diet, I was back to the swimmer I was before I had these problems.

I found out that I had to cut out coffee (caffeine in general), soda, tomato sauce, acidic fruits, super fatty foods, chocolate, and other foods that cause acid reflux. I also can’t eat a big meal three hours before practicing or racing. And although I didn’t want to follow this diet, I knew that if I wanted to achieve my goals that I had to change my habits.

And I have changed my habits. I have been following the acid reflux diet as best as I can, and I have been swimming so much better. Both my body and my mind are motivated in practices and I’ve found the love for swimming I had several months ago!

I’ll keep you updated on practices and meets and just my life in general as I “swim through Texas” as a sophomore!


Hook ‘Em!


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