Forced Time Off From Training. {How to Deal}

As someone who is used to training anywhere from 1 to 8 (on those long bike ride days) hours per day, the last weeks have been a bit rough. After hurting my foot after walking into a door a few weeks ago, I’ve been forced to take more time off from rowing and pretty much all other physical activity since my foot injury has become worse.

Instead of the usual rowing (and, swimming, biking, and running when possible), I haven’t been able to do much at all — making me feel sluggish and not myself. This has been quite frustrating, but I’ve been trying to put things into perspective. What’s wrong with me is not permanent! 🙂

Today has been one of those days when it’s been tough to not be able to work out. After hectic and stressful days, one of the only ways I know how to relieve stress is to work out. To train. To push my limits. And (many of you can probably relate) it can be tough to find productive things to fill this space when training has to be put on hold.

It just so happens that my best friend Sophia who is on the crew team at Harvard with me is also injured. So we’ve been going through this together! I’ve found that talking about our frustrations (not being able to row in the Head of the Charles because of injury, etc.) together makes things a whole lot easier.

Through the many random injuries I’ve had in my life, I’ve found that the following things help when you’re forced to take time off:

  • Let it out. If you’re angry, upset, or whatever related emotion — let yourself feel it for a little bit (in an appropriate setting). There’s nothing worse than keeping things bottled up.
  • Be productive. Instead of sitting on the couch and overeating for the next few weeks, find something other than exercise to fill your time. It could be spending more time with friends or family, trying a new exercise related hobby, or just relaxing (this can be productive to let yourself heal! :))
  • Talk it out. If you’re feeling especially frustrated, talk it out with a friend! Go out to dinner, relax, or hang out and talk — either about your frustrations or about other things to get your mind off of your injury!
  • DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO HEAL. Go to Physical Therapy. Stretch. Ice. Whatever it takes/whatever your doctor instructs!

Missing the Charles!


Hopefully will be back to biking soon!

How do you deal with having to take time off from an injury?

Tri Hard,


2 thoughts on “Forced Time Off From Training. {How to Deal}

  1. As a runner who has been out for a few weeks due to hip injuries, I have found that getting injured this early in my college career has put some physical and mental toll on my body. For me it is doing workouts that kill me since I have been back I have done one workout which was 300 meter repeats and I was struggling to hit mile pace.

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