Yoga: Great Injury Preventer!

Yoga is a growing practice that relaxes the mind and stretches the body. For anyone that says “yoga is easy” probably has never done a real yoga class before. This exercise is challenging for it requires strength, flexibility, and focus. There are different disciplines you can try, which is great because you’ll never be bored!

Popular disciplines:

– Vinyasa Flow: fast paced, moving from pose to pose quickly.



– Bikram: aka “hot yoga.” Good for weight loss. You will leave the studio dripping wet.

– Yin: quiet, slow, and meditative. Great for deep stretching.

My favorite is vinyasa flow; I take a weekly class with my dad when I’m home from college!

Make an effort to try a yoga class at your local studio this week. Make sure you bring water, a small towel (especially if you go to bikram yoga), and wear fitted clothing.

Do you like to do yoga? What’s your favorite type?


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