5 ways you know that it’s not summer anymore.

  1. Open water swims and long beach days are a thing of the past and have been replaced with indoor lap sessions and the whole “trying to convince yourself to get out of bed and venture into the cold” ordeal each morning.
  2. You. Have. No. More. Tris. This. Year. Planning next year’s calendar already?
  3. Your hard-earned training tan lines have been replaced by paleness. All. Over.
  4. You’ve brushed the dust off off your cycleops or other indoor trainer and have began to realize that you can no longer ride in the morning without being FREEZING. Brr.
  5. Out with the nike running shorts and tank tops and in with the leggings and long sleeves!
photo_33ea288e (1)

One of the tell-tale signs of summer = training tan lines


Missing open water swims & beach days!


Missing the days of reading by the beach!

1017017_10201941436363944_1207094534_n (1)

Nothing better than summer races!


Spending time with family is one of my favorite parts of summer!

Hey, but fall isn’t all bad — right? Kona, Halloween, pumpkin runs, cider, cool air perfect for running… 🙂

What were your favorite parts of summer that you’re missing in the fall? What do you like about the fall training season?

Tri Hard,


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