Truebar: Truly Delicious. {And Gluten Free. And Dairy Free.}

photo 5-2

At the Truebar tent in Lake Placid!

This summer when I was in Lake Placid for Ironman, I stumbled across the Truebar booth. Excited to find a booth featuring dairy and gluten free bar — I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and unique flavors. Originally founded as a “unique snack bar for health-conscious consumers”, Truebar is now especially popular amongst endurance athletes!

photo 1-13

Six flavors of truebars

It’s especially difficult for me to find yummy, low-cal snacks due to my gluten and dairy intolerances, so I was thrilled when I discovered these bars. (And, of course, being the neon, bright color lover that I am loved the colors of the bars :)).

The six flavors of Truebars above are Hazelnut chocolate cherry, apricot almond chai, walnut cappuccino, coconut cashew, fruit & nut, and raspberry chocolate almond. The bars are about 170-190 calories each.

photo 2-9

They’ve got nothing to hide 🙂

If you want to try Truebars, go here.

My favorite flavor truebar - coconut cashew!

My favorite flavor truebar – coconut cashew!

Have you ever tried Truebars? 🙂

Tri Hard,



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