IMLP: 3 Months Ago Already!

Can’t believe that Ironman Lake Placid was exactly three months ago today. I’m already looking forward to round two next year! The race was DEFINITELY one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done… but it was also a really rewarding experience. Racing alongside my dad and with my two uncles and cousin made the day so much more enjoyable.

If you’re thinking about signing up for an Ironman, you can check out the full list of events here.

For my full race report on my Ironman at 18, click here.

photo 1-14

On the bike course!

photo 3-8

My two bracelets that I’ve left on since race day – three months can do a lot of wear and tear!

photo 2-10

After the race!

photo 2-11

Beggs with Mike Reilly at the Athlete Dinner!

photo 5-3

Post-Race with Erin!

Have you done an Ironman? If not, do you plan on doing one someday?

Tri Hard,


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