Fearlessly Fitt: Two SDSU Students’ Solution to Staying Fit and Healthy in College

About a month ago YoungTri Member Andrea Nunez-Smith and Jessie Aarnold started running together in preparation for a half marathon in November in San Diego. They had recently met at their new college San Diego State University and quickly became best friends. They found that they both have a passion for fitness as well as nutrition and staying healthy. They are both nutrition majors and hope to one day own a business together to help others achieve their fitness and nutrition goals.

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Andrea and Jessie!

The two girls thought of creating an Instagram account to help promote and educate others around the world on how to stay fit and healthy in college! We all know and fear of the “freshman 15,” and know that living in college on a budget can make it quite challenging to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. But with these two girls creative recipes and workout ideas,  you can stay and become not only fit but healthier — and most importantly happier!

Follow them at @fearlesslyfitt on Instagram for all their tips, workouts, recipes, and motivation throughout your day. It’s a perfect way to stay fearlessly fitt for life 🙂

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