Athletic Skills Transferring from Tris to Recreational Activities With Family and Friends?

Today, I went bowling with my cousins who were visiting from Pennsylvania. We made silly bets as to who would win — and split up into teams and also had an individual contest.

One of the things I’ve always wondered about recreational activities — bowling being one of them — is how much of your personal skill from other sports transfers over to play. Or, in other words, what could make someone a great triathlete, baseball player, or rower but not as good when they try their hand at things like bowling, frisbee, or otherwise. The same goes for the other way around — what determines if someone’s athletic skills will transfer successfully over into other activities?

I’ve always especially wondered this because I seem to be unable to pick up/master ANY recreational activity. Haha. Pool, bowling, frisbee, you name it– I’m usually being dominated by my brother TJ and other family and friends. (My family loves to tease me about this 🙂 )

I think that definitely depends on the person as to whether skills from one sport — like triathlon, rowing, football, etc. — will carry over into friendly competition in recreational activities with family and friends.

But hey, even if you’re a terrible bowler or frisbee player or pool player like me, it’s still fun to spend time with family and friends participating. 🙂

Bowling with my cousin Maddy!

5 cousins take bowling!

at the lanes with grandma 🙂

Do you find that your athletic skills carry over into recreational activities with family and friends?

Tri Hard,

Day After Thanksgiving Run!


View from my grandparents’ back porch

Yesterday my family and I drove up to North Florida to visit my grandparents! It’s a beautiful day, so my dad and I went for a run to work off Thanksgiving dinner haha. I love when it’s hot enough for shorts, but cold enough so you don’t die of heat stroke.
My mom and aunt went for a walk, my uncle ran on the beach, and my siblings are playing golf with my grandparents. It’s always motivating when the entire family is out exercising!
Tomorrow we’re all driving to Gainesville for the annual University of Florida vs. Florida State game. The gators will most likely lose by quite a lot, but it will be fun to visit my UF friends and spend time with the family. 🙂

What did you and your family do today to burn off all the turkey from last night?



Hope you’re enjoying time with family today (and a day off from eating healthy, haha). My cousins competed in a Turkey Trot run today in Connecticut, but my brother and I stuck to indoor workouts this morning in New Jersey before heading to my grandparents’ house.

Missed my dad/training partner!

Happy Tri-Giving! Ha

With my cousin Maddy 🙂

Did you compete in a race this Thanksgiving? Or are you just relaxing with family and friends?

Tri Hard,

Cheating on My Bike for the Weekend! Haha

I’m finally home! Back in New Jersey for the first time since August. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be going on a bike ride with my dad for the first time in awhile! Problem is that my bike is back in Cambridge. So, I’ll have to borrow my brother’s for the weekend! I went down to the basement today to try it out, and it felt a little weird. (He’s a little taller than me, but not by too much).

I’m interested to see if I’ll be able to handle riding another bike for an outdoor ride! I’ll only be cheating on my orange Cannondale for a weekend – back to Cambridge on Monday! 🙂


Tryin’ out the temporary set of wheels 🙂

Have you had to borrow a family member or friend’s bike recently? How did it work out adjusting to the new set of wheels?

Tri Hard,

Finally Back Home in South Florida!

Finally back home in South Florida!

I went for a run yesterday and forgot how hard it is to run in the heat. I thought I’d be able to run 5 miles no problem, but I was sure proved wrong. I need to get used to 80 degree weather again!

Running is Boston can be tricky to run in, but once you get used to the hills and crazy weather it’s fine. 🙂


What’s your favorite climate to run in? Do you find it difficult to exercise in new places?


“Just Tri!” – Awesome Children’s Book About Tris

Trying to find for a children’s book about triathlons? Then look no further!

My friend Roseann (who did Ironman Lake Placid with me this summer, as well as being a spin instructor) wrote it — complete with bright and richly colored illustrations. The book follows Louisa the lion’s adventure in completing her first triathlon.

photo 5-5Louisa the lion is coached by another lion named Coach Big Shot, overcomes obstacles like swimming around hippos, cycling around elephants, and running around a sleeping rhino. Louisa keeps telling herself that she can do it. Be sure to read the book to see what happens!



photo 4-8

The book is a great gift for any tri lover!

To order a copy of Just Tri! – email with the subject line “YoungTri – Just Tri Book”.

photo 3-14

The book includes lessons about hard work and dedication — and is a must-read for every triathlete (young and old)!

photo 2-22

Just Tri! 🙂

The book is SO cute and unique — I’ve never seen another children’s book like it!

Again, to order a copy of Just Tri! – email with the subject line “YoungTri – Just Tri Book”. It’s a must read for any tri lover!

Tri Hard,


Time Away from Tris: Harvard-Yale 2013

One of the best parts of being an athlete is taking interest in sports other than your own — so I always enjoy watching football 🙂

Yesterday marked the 130th anniversary of “The Game” — the annual football matchup between historic rivals Harvard and Yale. This year, the game was away at Yale… so I traveled there along with my crew team and two of my friends Caroline and Olivia (Caroline goes to Lesley, and Olivia to Babson)!

It was nice to have a change of scenery for the day, and Harvard ended up winning 34-7 — earning them a share of the Ivy League Title.


With my friends Caroline and Olivia!

Radcliffe Crew Girls at H-Y!

Radcliffe Crew Girls at H-Y!


Right before we stormed the field after the win!


Enjoying the day at Yale!


Packed Yale Bowl

What are some of your favorite non-tri sporting events to watch?

Tri Hard,



Throwback… YT on MTV! {Made: Triathlete}


Being filmed for MTV!

Throwback to Summer 2011. Besides the best part meeting my now best friend Kaitlin (and YT VP 🙂 ) one day earlier, Lake Placid 2011 was extra fun because I had the opportunity to be filmed for MTV’s “Made”! Branden was being “Made” into a triathlete and I was filmed to give him advice. The show put an interesting spin on things, but it was a lot of fun to film!


Dad snuck these pics during filming!

photo 3-12

If you’re bored and looking for something to watch, check out the episode! I come in at 24:20 with my YT shirt 🙂

Click here to watch the episode.

Beautiful Lake Placid!

Beautiful Lake Placid!

What are your favorite shows that have featured triathlon-related episodes?

Tri Hard,


A Different Kind of “Triathlon”

Triathlon = Swim. Bike. Run. Right?

Well, kinda. Although typical triathlons take the form of swim, bike, and run events, there are some events across the country that involve three separate disciplines that aren’t necessarily swim, bike and run (could involve kayaking, hiking, or something else)!

My crew team — going along with this idea — holds an event each yet called the “Radcliffe Triathlon”. It involves a 7500m erg, 4 mile run, and then a full stadium stair run at Harvard Stadium!

I completed the event last year, but wasn’t able to do the full thing this year since I’m still recovering from my foot injury. Instead of the tradition Rad Tri, I did a 45 minute bike, 7500m erg, then another 45 min bike! It felt awesome to get a long workout in again — it’s been so long since I’ve been healthy.

After I finished my bike, I couldn’t help but take in the view of the Charles 🙂

After finishing my “tri”! First workout longer than 2 hours in awhile!

There was a lot of positive energy around the boathouse this morning, as after the triathlon we head to Yale tomorrow for the 130th annual “The Game” — Harvard v. Yale football. Well deserved fun after the tri! 🙂

Snuck up on Sophia to take this pic of her during her tri! Haha

The erg/bike room – site of the tri!

Have you ever completed a “non-traditional” tri?

Tri Hard,

Mistakes & Regret


We all make them. We all have those moments — the pit in your stomach, throat heavy, out-of-this-world moments — that come as a result of things not going the way we planned. Mistakes can come in myriad forms; from silly racing mistakes like taking too long in transition or forgetting an item on a trip to larger things like friendships gone awry — opportunities passed up or relationships that ended. Things that we think we did wrong or wish we could’ve gone in a different direction.

It’s impossible to live life on a pure, white, never-ending canvas; that is (put in simpler terms) — it’s unrealistic to expect that there won’t be times when we want to run into our bedrooms, shove our pillow over our faces, blast sad music, and cry our eyes out. But — it is possible to learn. To grow. To heal from our mistakes and regret — and eventually prosper as a result.


There’s always a new day 🙂

As cliché as it sounds, I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason. We lose races so that we can discover the sweetness of being on top in our next successful event. Things happen. People walk in and out of our lives — that’s just the way it is.

“Well, we all make mistakes, dear, so just put it behind you. We should regret our mistakes and learn from them, but never carry them forward into the future with us.”
― L.M. MontgomeryAnne of Avonlea

I think the beautiful thing about this life is that it’s an unfinished, complicated, wonderful race (to put it in tri terms 🙂 ) — an ongoing story; a blank canvas. However you’d like to think of it, the amazing fact that still remains — there is always time.

Time to learn and grow from our mistakes and regret — but not to carry them forward with us as baggage.

Time to chase that unfinished race. Or dream you’ve been hiding in the back corner of your mind. And time to figure out that if the person who often hovers in the back of your thoughts is meant to come back into your life, then they will.

Mistakes happen. Regret is human. But to dwell on them would be to take time away from appreciating all the amazing, spectacular things each day brings with it. And life is too beautiful a thing to waste on negativity 🙂

How have you learned and grown from your mistakes?

Tri Hard,