Easing Back Into It After Injuries.

Yesterday, I was officially cleared to bike for 40 or so minutes after almost a month in a walking cast. Although my foot isn’t completely pain-free, it’s definitely improving.

As exciting as it is to finally be able to work out again, I’ve found that the hardest part about this is being careful. Aka easing back into it. It’s easy to slip back into old athletic habits — for just three months ago I was able to bike for eight or so hours at a steady pace — and now I have to start at forty minutes.

There are better things ahead after any injury :)

There are better things ahead after any injury 🙂

This morning while my team was lifting weights, Sophia and I had to bike because of our foot injuries. It was tempting after the slight rush after being able to really work out again to push it some more and so another workout after — but I resisted. I’ve found that too many times after long races I’ve rushed and pushed too hard — resulting in injury.

As tempting as it is to rush back into things, take it slow. Your body will appreciate it later!

I’m hoping to be back in the boat soon. Although for now I’ll have to settle for short bikes and ab sets. But hey, it’s better than nothing!

Here are some resources for those of you trying to successfully ease back into activity after an injury 🙂

8 Tips to Make a Strong Comeback to Running After an Injury | Adjusting Your Triathlon Season and Training Plan for Injuries | Staying Positive After an Injury 

How do you deal with having to ease back into activity after an injury?

Tri Hard,


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