YoungTri is Excited to Announce: Kaitlin Adams is VP!

YoungTri has some exciting news — Kaitlin Adams is now Vice President!

After being an Executive Board Member for over a year, Kaitlin is excited to work alongside me and current Executive Board Member Patrick with lots of new and exciting things at YT (including meet-ups, the ambassador program, events, interesting stories, and more)!

photo 2-17

Kaitlin and I right after our meeting at BC this weekend!

Kaitlin signed up to become a member of YoungTri in May of 2011 after she heard about it through her personal trainer. I posted in the YT Facebook group in July of 2011 that I was going to be in Lake Placid to watch Ironman, and she and another YT member commented that they were going to be there too! Kaitlin and I met for the first time in Lake Placid, and noticed almost immediately that we had a ton of similarities. For one, the same name (hence, our nickname for each other as the “CKaitlins”). We also both love triathlon, business, rap music (even though I like country and she hates it 🙂 ), and have best friends named Erin who we’ve both known respectively since were one (who also both happen to be nursing students)… crazy!

photo 1-22

Best Friends & Business can be a great mix! (When your best friend is as dedicated and hardworking as Kaitlin is)!

What started out as meeting in Lake Placid turned into something much more — we both discovered that we love keeping in touch with people after we meet them and ended up becoming best friends. Two and a half years later, we’ve both visited each other in Florida/New Jersey multiple times, and we ended up in the same city for college (me at Harvard and her at Boston College!)

Besides our awesome friendship, though, I’ve always noticed how hardworking, dedicated and passionate Kaitlin is. She’s one of the most kind, level-headed and organized people that I know — some of the things I love about her. She’s innovative and always coming up with great new ideas, and I can always rely on her to be punctual and on track. She attends business conferences through BC and is always researching new ideas and new ways to make YT awesome. Her dedication has definitely been evident through her time with YT so far!

Kaitlin and I are so, so excited to start this new chapter with YoungTri together — and to have you as a part of it. Along with Patrick, our Ambassadors (we’re working on a lot of fun things for this program!), and other contributors, we know that you’ll be excited to see what exciting things will be going on with YoungTri in the future.

You can contact Kaitlin at

Stay tuned — more exciting things soon.

Tri Hard,