Early Wake-Ups — How to Deal

We’ve all been there. That 6:30 (or 5:30 or WORSE 4:30 like below) alarm goes off. You’re abruptly awoken from a peaceful slumber — and maybe even an awesome dream. And you know that there’s no turning back. No avoiding race day wakeup. Or practice. Or whatever it may be.

But there are a few ways to avoid either sleeping through your alarm OR trudging through the morning with that awful tiredness feeling all over you.


My iPhone realizes that 4:30 wakeups are usually tri-related. Haha

  1. Realize it could be worse. Hey… at least you’re getting your workout in early??? Haha
  2. Lay things out the night before. Whether it’s your tri bag or just clothes for practice, laying things out in advance can give you an extra few minutes of sleep 🙂
  3. Set your alarm 10-15 minutes earlier than you actually have to get up. That way, you can hit snooze and ACTUALLY wake up at the time you need to rather than running behind.
  4. Shake it off. My approach to waking up early = once out of bed NO MORE THINKING ABOUT BEING TIRED. Splash your face with cold water. Do some push ups (Yeah, no. But if you’re desperate, it’s worth a try…). Anything that gets your mind off of being drowsy.
  5. Play some music. This one is my favorite — it always gets me going in the morning. Jam to your favorite workout playlist, or start off with some slower, more thoughtful songs — whatever you think will get you going.

What are some of your most successful approaches to early wakeups?

Tri Hard,