A Different Kind of “Triathlon”

Triathlon = Swim. Bike. Run. Right?

Well, kinda. Although typical triathlons take the form of swim, bike, and run events, there are some events across the country that involve three separate disciplines that aren’t necessarily swim, bike and run (could involve kayaking, hiking, or something else)!

My crew team — going along with this idea — holds an event each yet called the “Radcliffe Triathlon”. It involves a 7500m erg, 4 mile run, and then a full stadium stair run at Harvard Stadium!

I completed the event last year, but wasn’t able to do the full thing this year since I’m still recovering from my foot injury. Instead of the tradition Rad Tri, I did a 45 minute bike, 7500m erg, then another 45 min bike! It felt awesome to get a long workout in again — it’s been so long since I’ve been healthy.

After I finished my bike, I couldn’t help but take in the view of the Charles 🙂

After finishing my “tri”! First workout longer than 2 hours in awhile!

There was a lot of positive energy around the boathouse this morning, as after the triathlon we head to Yale tomorrow for the 130th annual “The Game” — Harvard v. Yale football. Well deserved fun after the tri! 🙂

Snuck up on Sophia to take this pic of her during her tri! Haha

The erg/bike room – site of the tri!

Have you ever completed a “non-traditional” tri?

Tri Hard,

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