Spin, Spin, Spin!

Ever wish that you could work out by sitting and staying in in the same place?

Well, you can with spin classes! Lately spinning has become very popular with cyclists — as well with as people who aren’t familiar with cycling. It’s a great workout that can be quite fun with a great instructor, bumpin’ beats, and some friends!

photo 2

My roommates Kayla and Roz tonight at spin!

One of my roommates, Brooke, just became a certified spin instructor this summer, and she now teaches classes at our school’s gym. The rest of my roommates and I attend her class each Wednesday. It’s fun to switch up my training routine and do a group workout.

Brooke teaching spin tonight

Brooke teaching spin tonight

However, if you think spin class is going to be easier than your normal cycling workout… you will be proved very wrong. I find spin especially challenging and am usually sore for a full day after.

What’s great about spin is that you can make it as hard or as easy as you desire. Being a competitive individual and having that triathlete blood in me, I push it as hard as I can in every class. Each week I try to increase my total distance by at least a mile!

Brooke is an awesome instructor and she keeps you busy the entire class. Between mock hills, speed intervals, and competitions, the class is never boring.

Shop around your area and try out different instructors. See which one fits your workout style and build spin into your weekly training schedule! Classes are usually available at local gyms.

Have you tried a spin class before? Let us know!

Email me at info@yountri.com

Happy Spinning,


Early Wake-Ups — How to Deal

We’ve all been there. That 6:30 (or 5:30 or WORSE 4:30 like below) alarm goes off. You’re abruptly awoken from a peaceful slumber — and maybe even an awesome dream. And you know that there’s no turning back. No avoiding race day wakeup. Or practice. Or whatever it may be.

But there are a few ways to avoid either sleeping through your alarm OR trudging through the morning with that awful tiredness feeling all over you.


My iPhone realizes that 4:30 wakeups are usually tri-related. Haha

  1. Realize it could be worse. Hey… at least you’re getting your workout in early??? Haha
  2. Lay things out the night before. Whether it’s your tri bag or just clothes for practice, laying things out in advance can give you an extra few minutes of sleep 🙂
  3. Set your alarm 10-15 minutes earlier than you actually have to get up. That way, you can hit snooze and ACTUALLY wake up at the time you need to rather than running behind.
  4. Shake it off. My approach to waking up early = once out of bed NO MORE THINKING ABOUT BEING TIRED. Splash your face with cold water. Do some push ups (Yeah, no. But if you’re desperate, it’s worth a try…). Anything that gets your mind off of being drowsy.
  5. Play some music. This one is my favorite — it always gets me going in the morning. Jam to your favorite workout playlist, or start off with some slower, more thoughtful songs — whatever you think will get you going.

What are some of your most successful approaches to early wakeups?

Tri Hard,


How to “Run Like a Girl”

If you asked me to describe what my workout drawer looked like in one word, it ‘d be “girly.” Pink on pink on pink. Whenever I buy new tri gear or running shoes, I always look to get the “girliest” colors possible. My Garmin is pink, my bike speedometer is pink, my headphones are purple, my shoes are neon blue/green with pink laces — you get the picture.

I love my colorful Newtons

I love my colorful Newtons


Headbands during workouts are a must!

Female triathletes are definitely outnumbered by their male counterparts and this is reflected in the clothing/gear selections. It’s always hard for me to find apparel that’s not black and to find tops that are somewhat stylish. So every time I come across gear that’s pink and girly, I snatch it because I know I may never see it again.


I never run without my Garmin. It’s great for tracking time, distance, and speed

So… how are we girls supposed to deal with the lack of female-friendly triathlon commodities? Don’t worry, I have a few suggestions 🙂

First off, if you’re a member of YoungTri, you have access to a huge number of female triathletes! Reach out to members through the Facebook group. You can make new friends, get tips on triathlon in general, and realize that you’re not alone as a girl in the tri world. When I first started racing, the only triathletes I knew were guys… but then I met President Caity (lol) 2 ½ years ago. I finally had a girl triathlete to talk to, which was very exciting!

Racing with Caity for the first time this fall :)

Racing with Caity for the first time this fall 🙂

In addition to talking to YoungTri members, check out BettyDesigns.com. Betty sells cute two-piece racing bathing suits, stylish race kits, and other awesome cycling clothing! You can even order custom race gear for yourself or your team. Another great website is TeamEstrogen.com. They have a great selection of colorful swim caps, bike shorts, and all the accessories in between.

Betty Designs founder, Kristin Mayer, is a triathlete herself!

Betty Designs founder, Kristin Mayer, is a triathlete herself!
(Photo taken from bettydesigns.com)

For well thought-out and extra chic running clothes, make your way to Lululemon Athletica. Although pricey, Lulu offers great breathable, smell-absorbing running shirts that make you want to go workout just so that you can wear them. They have great shorts and running tights as well: I’ve noticed that the tights are especially popular at my school. Occasionally they have cycling jerseys and shorts too. I’m a huge Lululemon fan and it’s quite evident on my Christmas list each year. Their clothes ensure that I will never be mistaken for a guy while I’m working out!

Me after my run! Shirt and cropped leggings from Lululemon Athletica.

Me after my run! Shirt and cropped leggings from Lululemon Athletica.

So now that you’ve discovered a few ways to “run like a girl,” what’s next for female triathletes? Well, according to USAT, the percentage of female triathletes has increased from 27% to 37% in the past 12 years. The sport of triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and it’s bringing tons of females along with it! I definitely don’t mind competing in a male-dominated sport, but it’s certainly exciting to see the growth of female athletes. 🙂

Now go run like a girl!


YoungTri CKaitlins Take Yoga

Today, Kaitlin and I decided to take a “Yoga for Athletes” class in Coolidge Corner (by Boston College)! One of the members of the Harvard Triathlon Team also attended the class.


It was a two hour class, and it was quite challenging — since I’m not the most flexible/balanced person I had a bit of trouble with it at first! However, I really felt relaxed and refreshed after the class.


Coolidge Corner Yoga

We worked a lot on flexibility today — and everything from the traditional downward dog to some more challenging exercises later on! Although it was a bit out of my comfort zone, I would definitely try it again.

photo 3 (1)

After yoga!

photo 2 (1)

Outside the studio!

Check out these resources for triathletes thinking about doing yoga:

If you’re looking to find a yoga studio in your area, try findyoga.com!

Have you tried yoga as a part of your regular training plan?

Tri Hard,


YoungTri Takes TEDx Talks in Boston!

photo 2

Connor, Kaitlin, and me at the talk!

Kaitlin & I, along with our other YoungTri friend Connor, attended the TEDx talks in Boston today!

photo 1

John Katzman speaking! (Notice the triathlete in the background)

TED talks are short talks (about 12 minutes) pertaining to technology, education, and design. We listened to John Katzman’s talk about the future of higher education. He is an educational entrepreneur and the founder of Noodle.

photo 3

One of the fun facts on the wall – training for an Ironman!

One of my favorite TED talks – about smashing fear, and going for it — “What’s the worst that could happen?”

Check it out below:

What are some of your favorite TED talks?

Tri Hard,


Some Favorite Healthy Snacks

Proper snacking is an important part of a daily balanced diet –especially when training! I have a lot of favorite healthy snacks that I stick to on a daily basis.

See below for some of my go-to favorites!


  • Erewhon Gluten Free Rice Cereal & Almond Milk (about 140 calories/bowl)
  • Hummus & Think Healthy Rice Thin Cakes (2 tbsp hummus – 70 calories/3 crackers – 54 calories)
  • Just Great Stuff Powdered Peanut Butter (2 tablespoons – 45 calories)
  • Pure Organic Wild Blueberry Bars (200 calories)
  • Quick & Easy Salad – mixed greens & raspberry vinaigrette (30-60 calories)
  • Fruit – usually apples or pineapple (80-110 calories)

What are some of your favorite simple, easy & go-to snacks? Let us know and you could be featured on the blog! info@youngtri.com

Tri Hard,


Bored of Water? Try These Healthy Options to Refuel & Hydrate

Sure, water is great — but it can get boring. Besides sipping on my Nalgene filled with water during the day, I like to supplement my beverage selection once in awhile with something a little bit more flavorful. However, it can be difficult to find healthy and low-cal water/hydration alternatives. I’ve tried lots and lots and have narrowed my favorites down to four – see below 🙂

Bai Antioxidant Infusions – 5 calories per serving (10 per bottle)

photo 1-23

Bai 5 has only 5 calories per serving (and only 1 gram of sugar)! I thought that with the low calorie/sugar count that the drink would have a light or non-existent flavor, but I was definitely wrong. The drink has a rich pomegranate flavor and makes for a great thirst-quencher. It’s also packed with antioxidants 🙂 Check out Bai drinks here.

Kale Juice – 110-150 calories per bottle

photo 2-18

Yes, I did take a selfie with kale juice.

Kale juice is one of my faaaaavorites. It’s a great way to get your greens in (in a liquid form)! The juices are sold at markets like Whole Foods, but if you’re looking to avoid the $7-10 per bottle cost, you can make your own!

Nuun – Under 8 calories per tabnuun-2012-zoom

Nuun is a great low-sugar electrolyte enhanced beverage, and comes in a ton of flavors. Each tab dissolves in water and is less than eight calories. They also offer products to put into your water bottles to make you drink more water throughout the day. I like drinking Nuun during tris! Check out all the Nuun products here.

Blueprint Juices (besides Kale as mentioned above) – 110-210 calories

photo-12 (2)

Love pairing blueprint juices with salads!

Blueprint juices are so yummy & flavorful. I try to zip over to Whole Foods as much as possible while at school to stock up on them in my fridge! You can do a cleanse with the juices (check out my review of the 3 day cleanse here), pair them with a meal, or drink them on their own. Some of the flavors include pineapple apple mint, beet, and orange grapefruit. (There are lots more that you can check out here).

What are your favorite low-cal hydrating & replenishing alternatives to water?

Tri Hard,


YoungTri is Excited to Announce: Kaitlin Adams is VP!

YoungTri has some exciting news — Kaitlin Adams is now Vice President!

After being an Executive Board Member for over a year, Kaitlin is excited to work alongside me and current Executive Board Member Patrick with lots of new and exciting things at YT (including meet-ups, the ambassador program, events, interesting stories, and more)!

photo 2-17

Kaitlin and I right after our meeting at BC this weekend!

Kaitlin signed up to become a member of YoungTri in May of 2011 after she heard about it through her personal trainer. I posted in the YT Facebook group in July of 2011 that I was going to be in Lake Placid to watch Ironman, and she and another YT member commented that they were going to be there too! Kaitlin and I met for the first time in Lake Placid, and noticed almost immediately that we had a ton of similarities. For one, the same name (hence, our nickname for each other as the “CKaitlins”). We also both love triathlon, business, rap music (even though I like country and she hates it 🙂 ), and have best friends named Erin who we’ve both known respectively since were one (who also both happen to be nursing students)… crazy!

photo 1-22

Best Friends & Business can be a great mix! (When your best friend is as dedicated and hardworking as Kaitlin is)!

What started out as meeting in Lake Placid turned into something much more — we both discovered that we love keeping in touch with people after we meet them and ended up becoming best friends. Two and a half years later, we’ve both visited each other in Florida/New Jersey multiple times, and we ended up in the same city for college (me at Harvard and her at Boston College!)

Besides our awesome friendship, though, I’ve always noticed how hardworking, dedicated and passionate Kaitlin is. She’s one of the most kind, level-headed and organized people that I know — some of the things I love about her. She’s innovative and always coming up with great new ideas, and I can always rely on her to be punctual and on track. She attends business conferences through BC and is always researching new ideas and new ways to make YT awesome. Her dedication has definitely been evident through her time with YT so far!

Kaitlin and I are so, so excited to start this new chapter with YoungTri together — and to have you as a part of it. Along with Patrick, our Ambassadors (we’re working on a lot of fun things for this program!), and other contributors, we know that you’ll be excited to see what exciting things will be going on with YoungTri in the future.

You can contact Kaitlin at kadams@youngtri.com.

Stay tuned — more exciting things soon.

Tri Hard,


Start With Your Dream and Work Backwards From There.

This Friday, Kaitlin and I sat with each other at dinner and talked.

We spoke about YoungTri, about life, and everything in between. We discussed goals for the future and outlined some exciting things we have in store for YT.

At the end of the dinner, she showed me a quote that she had recently found.

“Start with your dream and work backwards from there.”

The truth in the quote hit me — that sometimes reaching goals can seem unattainable, but working backwards from larger goals and planning step by step helps to make things more manageable.


I was so inspired by the quote that I wrote it on one of my neon post-its and posted it on the wall above my desk in my room. It’s a constant reminder that things can and will get done — it just takes some working backwards.

I think that it applies to all things in life — in training, in long-term goals, and otherwise — that working backwards can sometimes be super helpful.

For me, I’ve thought of it this way.

  • Write down your goal.
  • Write down when you imagine yourself accomplishing it.
  • Then — delineate the steps that you need to accomplish it. Even the little things. The things that you can do (whether on a day to day, week to week, or monthly/yearly) to start going after it.

Great things don’t happen in an hour. Or a day. Or even a month.

Give it time. If you work backwards and stay patient, amazing things will happen.

Want more inspiration on accomplishing your goals?

Chrissie Wellington on accomplishing goals: “It doesn’t matter where you start”.

USA Triathlon Mental Fitness – Goal Setting

Triathlon Goal Setting

Do you think working backwards and planning helps to reach your dream & accomplish your goals?

Tri Hard,