TJ Goes Gluten Free. 1 Week.

Gluten-free. I’m sure we’ve all seen this “buzzword” everywhere. But what does it even mean? To be honest, I don’t even know. I’m not here to do sciences. But I’ve decided, after months of encouragement from a certain older sibling, to try it out. I’m shooting for 1 week “gf” and I’ll keep all of you in YoungTri nation updated.

I’ve been dairy free (ish) for awhile, but I’m curious to see if cutting out gluten will do anything for my stomach. My sister has been gluten free for seven months, and it has helped her stomach a lot. So we’ll seeeeeee.

Beggs against Bread and Butter

Have any of you tried going gluten free recently? Have you noticed any health differences?

Stay classy YoungTri,