“Fitness Rebuilding” Phases

Fitness wise, I’ve felt a bit off for the past couple of months. I came into this school year in great shape — coming off of an Ironman and intense rowing training over the summer. However, after a foot injury left me injured for about two months, I’m now at the point where I’m working my way back to where I was.

And quite honestly, it’s hard. And can be super frustrating. I was used to being able to bike for almost eight hours — and the past few weeks it’s been a struggle to continue to build up my fitness level.

But — you know what I’ve realized? It’s okay.

It’s okay to go through “rebuilding” periods — to take the time to get back to where you used to be, whether in training or otherwise. It can be difficult — but it’s always worth it. What’s helping me now is setting goals — looking forward to spring and summer races as well as looking back through racing pictures from this summer/fall to get me excited for what is to come.


Sophia and I are both recovering from injuries — getting back into it at the gym!

If you’re going through a “fitness rebuilding” phase like me, my best advice would be to take the ups and downs as they come — stay focused and know that you will get to where you need to be. It just doesn’t happen overnight 🙂

Staying positive is key!

How do you deal with “fitness rebuilding” phases?

Tri Hard,