So Begin Again.

As I was walking out of the iLab yesterday, I noticed this quote in the middle of the room (the iLab allows people to write inspirational quotes all over the walls — I love it; it really adds to the inspirational nature of the space).

One especially struck me that particular evening.

So Begin Again.

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It can be easy to feel like we’re stuck; stuck in a training rut, in a string of bad workouts — or stuck when it comes to ideas, school, friendships or otherwise.

Maybe the key is just beginning again. Whether that means writing a note to a friend to tell them how much you appreciate them to start over, tackling that difficult workout one more time so you can finally finish it, clearing your head and starting over when it comes to goals — taking a moment to breathe and start again is so important.

Especially as type-A endurance athletes who are obsessed with our performance, progress, improvement, and fitness, it can be difficult at times to accept that sometimes situations warrant us starting over; beginnning again.

Taking a moment to reflect, move on and start over isn’t giving up. It’s improving — making things better.

Along these lines, my recent workout (and walking to class) jam is “Cannonball” by Lea Michele.  Lea sings about starting over, closing old doors and focusing on new beginnings.


Which is exactly what we need to do. I’m focusing on this when it comes to my “Fitness Rebuilding Phase” — working my way back to my old pre-injury fitness level steadily; trying not to get frustrated with myself for small setbacks.

I’m trying to remember — when negative voices persist in my head — that there’s always room for a new beginning.

So Begin Again.

How has a recent new beginning helped you in your training/life?

Tri Hard,