Update: TJ Goes Gluten Free. (One Week)

To see the first post in this series, click hereTJ (a bread lover if one ever lived) decided to go gluten free for a week.

Here’s an update from TJ…

Gluten free? Not for me. 


Back 2 Bread

Well folks, I tried the gluten free craze and it wasn’t my cup of tea. The food all tasted off and it was tough giving up bread, which I love. Maybe I’ll try some other diet, but for now I’m just eating what looks good.

Has anyone else tried going GF for a short period of time and stopped?

Stay classy,


2 thoughts on “Update: TJ Goes Gluten Free. (One Week)

  1. I live gluten free due to celiac. I am also allergic to eggs, dairy, and peanuts. It’s worth it to me to give up the gluten and stomach aches to continue in my training endevers. Hate it didn’t work out for ya.

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