Staying Motivated When it’s FREEZING

For those of us not lucky enough to love in a warm climate right now, it’s gotten cold. Really cold. Bringing with it snow, snow, and… you guessed it… more snow.

I’ve found that one of the hardest parts about winter is staying motivated — even when it’s freezing, dark, and cold.

Braving the frigid Cambridge conditions!

And, let’s be real… We’re all thinking what my snapchat (THE BEST APP) below says when we’re faced with the decision of whether to stay in bed or workout when it’s cold and snowy.

20131218-171823.jpgIt can be hard to get out of bed to work out, but once we’re done, it’s usually worth it 🙂

Even with frigid temps aside, the winter has a way of pushing our mental limits for all of us — even those who don’t have to walk outside in December with more layers than they can count.

Winter is a time for many of us in which we are far away from our goals. That Ironman finish is over six months away; collegiate nationals far off into the spring; that sprint not until the beginning of summer — and so on and so forth.

While it’s important to let the season take it’s course — with periods of higher fitness levels and excitement followed by rebuilding — it’s also important to realize how vital the winter is for a successful spring and summer season.

And if the thought of a successful spring/summer season doesn’t give you enough energy to get out of bed and brave the cold, maybe some of these suggestions will:

  • Planning workouts with a friend. Making plans to workout can make things more fun, and can ensure that you don’t skip your workout!
  • Printing out old race results and posting them somewhere where you can look at them often. Staring at that killer race or disappointing finish can keep you motivated to kick butt this season.
  • Following a plan. Even for those of us (like myself) who at times prefer unstructured training, following a plan — especially during the winter building months– can help keep you on track.
  • Finding alternatives and taking days off. Try yoga. Crossfit. Skiing. Erging. Whatever it may be to keep your routine exciting. And remember — it’s okay to take a day once in awhile to just sit on the couch, relax, and sip hot chocolate (or, if you’re like me, hot vanilla). Really. It’s okay. 🙂

20131218-173212.jpgFrigid conditions often call for extra boosts of motivation to get moving!

What are some of your tricks for staying motivated in the winter?

Tri Hard,