Funny Tri Bumper Stickers… Show Us Yours!


A check for each IM!

One of the funniest parts about going to triathlons is taking a look at all of the cars parked at the race — and seeing what kind of funny & unique bumper stickers are present. Everything from traditional finisher stickers to club stickers to more creative spins on the traditional sticker tend to grace the cars of triathletes — and we’re going to start to feature some of our favorites on YT, along with the story behind them.

First in our series of awesome/funny tri bumper stickers comes from my Uncle Billy’s car. My Uncle Billy has completed six Ironmans (this photo was from before he completed his 6th)! And he puts a check mark under his 140.6 sticker after he completed each one. I always thought that that was really creative and funny 🙂

What are your favorite triathlon bumper stickers, either that you’ve seen or on your own car? Let us know! Email

Tri Hard,