TJ’s Tri Talk: Get on Track in 2014

It’s about 1 o’clock and I still haven’t worked out yet… the time of day when it could either turn into an unexpected off day or into a regular workout day. A day when one little snack could push me over the edge into an off day.

Especially now, around the holidays and away from a set schedule, it can be tough to motivate myself to workout. However — with that new year coming around — and all of the resolutions that come with it — I think it’s a good time to get back on track with my workouts. Yeah, it’s a little cliché to “start over” on New Year’s Day, but who cares? I’m gonna really go for it.

I even think I’m gonna start a little early to work off some of those holiday desserts.

All Ready for 2014.

All Ready for 2014.

What about you? Do you have a plan for your workouts in 2014? Tell us more about your New Years triathlon resolutions!



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