Running Together is Always Better: CKaitlin Venice Beach 8 Miler

One of the highlights of my trip with Kaitlin to California for the TBI Conference was definitely running 8 miles together along Venice Beach. It was the longest run I had done since Ironman in late July!!! (I had been injured most of the fall season with a foot injury).

The weather was perfect for a long run — no humidity & sunny with a slight breeze.

photo 2-48

Not a bad place to run 🙂

photo 1-52

We ran on a windy path along the sand!

We ran on a path next to the beach (Venice Beach), which made the run so much more enjoyable. We talked a bit, but had points where we both got into our zones and picked up the pace.

At one point, we put on our “power songs” and picked up the pace even more. I chose Timber by Kesha & Pitbull & Kaitln chose XO by Beyoncé. Later in the run, Yeah by Usher came on and I had so much energy that I started singing. During the run. That got some interesting looks from people at the beach (my signing is less than stellar)… haha 🙂

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Great 8 miler 🙂

photo 4-16

One of the cool houses we saw on the run!

We saw some pretty unique scenery while running — Venice Beach has some crazy architecture. Some, like the house above, were SO fascinating we had to stop and stare for a second! Other apartments were all black — some made of all glass. All rested only feet from the sand and sun of Venice Beach.

photo 5-8

Obligatory run selfie 🙂

photo 1-51

Loved. This. Weather.

After the run, we felt refreshed and ready to go for day 1 of the conference!

Do you like running with friends and exploring new locations?

Tri Hard,



Pro Triathlete at 22: A Few Minutes with Zara Guinard

This week I spoke with Zara, a 22 year old professional triathlete (and new YoungTri member!) who’s also the owner of Z.A.G. Health Consulting. She recently graduated from the University of Arizona where she majored in Nutritional Sciences/Dietetics.
Photo credit: James Clissold
What’s your favorite part about being a professional triathlete? Least favorite part?
My favorite part of being a professional triathlete would have to be the ability to potentially earn money and make a living doing what I love. When you’re growing up everyone always tell you to find a job that makes you happy, and there are few things that make me as happy as I am when training and racing.
Least favorite part would be the few races where the Pro’s go off after the age-groupers have cleared the course and consequently this is usually the hottest part of the day. What doesn’t overheat you makes you stronger though… right?
What motivates you?
All of the people who believe in me and support my goals. Honestly, when people reach out to tell me that I motivated them to finish a tough workout or get out of bed when that snooze button looked oh so tempting, that is what gets me up and out the door in the morning. Knowing that through my consistent hard work and dedication I am inspiring others to achieve their goals.
Zara at Clermont ITU Last Year
Who is your favorite person to train with?
I don’t think I could narrow it down to one person. My team is made up of some pretty amazing people and I’m grateful for every workout that they can push me during. I love my BAM fam!
(Balanced Art Multisport
Can you tell me more about Z.A.G. Health Consulting and why you started it?
I have always been very passionate about nutrition and health education. I feel that a lot of people don’t eat right simply because they have a misconception of what a diet is. A diet is simply all the foods you eat in a given day. If you eat McDonald’s every meal, that is your diet, if you eat paleo or vegan or organic that is your diet. During my time in school I would often have people reach out to me and ask specific questions pertaining to their health and fitness goals. They knew I was an athlete and that as such fueling my training well was essential.
Aside from just athletes I have found that many people have the desire to lose weight or just feel better in general. There are many health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure/cholesterol, heart disease, etc. that can be prevented and even treated through a healthy diet. With Z.A.G. HealthConsulting I want to be a resource for those who want to feel healthier and hopefully happier.
What are your future plans for Z.A.G.?
I would really like to branch out and work with more sports teams in the junior high/ high school range. Nutrition and performance are directly correlated, and I feel that teaching the younger generation about hydration and nutrition early on will help them to stay healthy and reach their potential.
Competing in Memphis in May
Do you have any goals set for 2014?
I have a few performance goals for this season. I would like to see my mile swim time under 20:00, and my bike time for a 40k closer to1:05. This past weekend I actually broke one of my goals by running a 5k sub 20:00, now I’m shooting for a sub 18:00.
What races are you most looking forward to?
I am really looking forward to St. Anthony’s triathlon in St. Petersburg. I participated in this race for the first time last year and really had a wonderful experience. My host family the Gagen’s were absolutely amazing and are like a second family now. The race is run very well. It’s a beautiful course and the whole  community that is created by the prestigious St. Pete Mad Dogs triathlon team is so welcoming and energetic. (
Lastly, Do you have any advice for YoungTri members on how to succeed in triathlon?

Never give up. No matter what people say you can or cannot do. If you believe in yourself and are willing to consistently work hard, make the necessary sacrifices and put the time in then you will be successful.

Thanks to Zara for taking the time to speak with YoungTri! You can follow Zara on Twitter and Instagram at @ZaraGuinard


Exciting Things Ahead for YoungTri!

Stay Tuned! Kaitlin and I will be announcing a lot of cool new things for ambassadors and members over the next few weeks.

photo 2-47

Gorgeous California Sunrise

We’re missing California and the Triathlon Business International Conference already! We took the 11:40 plane back to Boston, landed, then went straight to class! Busy day back — and super cold!

photo 1-50

Get excited!

Tri Hard,


Matty Reed & YoungTri!


So awesome to connect with Matty Reed today at day 3 of the Triathlon Business International Conference! It’s been a great few days in California.

Stay tuned for lots of great info & stories about TBI (and exciting things in the works for members)!

Tri Hard.

Triathlon Business International: ActiveX Fun Fitness Challenge!

The Triathlon Business International Conference has been GREAT so far! This morning, at the crack of dawn, I headed up to the roof of the hotel for one of the four workout options (there were also swims, bikes, and runs) — the ActiveX Fitness Challenge.

Attendees were split into two groups, and we did an INTENSE and fun 30 minute circuit workout! It included planks, burpees, situps, squats, work with bands, jumping over a pole, and throwing 25 lb sand medicine balls down and squatting. I was sweating a ton by the end — haha.

photo 1-48

The group of TBI Attendees at the Active X Fun Fitness Challenge!

My friend Beth (I worked for her when I was a freshman in HS!!!) with HUUB did the workout too!

My friend Beth (I worked for her when I was a freshman in HS!!!) with HUUB did the workout too!

The views from the rooftop of the hotel were Spectacular — the sunrise was gorgeous and Los Angeles was visible nearby.

photo 2-45

AMAZING Sunrise after the workout!

after the workout!

after the workout!

Do you enjoy circuit workouts?!

Tri Hard,





Stay Tuned… YoungTri at TBI!

Kaitlin and I have only been in California for a day, but it’s been great so far! We’re really excited for the conference to start today 🙂

Stay tuned for updates, and tweet at us (@theYoungTri) with #TBIConf if you have any questions about the conference! For more information about the event, click here.

photo 1-47

Ran into Mike Reilly RIGHT when I got to the hotel 🙂

photo 2-40

California is Gluten Free Heaven – Tofu & Vegetables with Lavender Lemonade 🙂

photo 4-15

Loving the California weather! So much warmer than Boston 🙂

Stay tuned for more TBI Updates! I speak on Monday!

Tri Hard,



Speed, Setbacks, and More: Jacob’s Top Four Tri Tips

Here are some tips from YoungTri Ambassador Jacob Bremer, student at University of Michigan and member of the University of Michigan triathlon team, has learned over the past few years:

Jacob is a Member of the University of Michigan Triathlon Team!

Jacob is a Member of the University of Michigan Triathlon Team!

1. Do not neglect speed work. Even at the Olympic distance people think of it as such a long event they often completely neglect speed work, which is crucial for (especially in running) keeping good form. Once a week, do a little warm up then head to a track or somewhere with an open space and do 6-8 150-200 all our sprints (about 25-40 second depending on distance and ability). They give your body muscle memory of its most efficient form and help develop speed which you may need to call upon at the that finish line someday!

2. If you’re on a bike trainer during the winter, don’t spend countless hours on a trainer at a steady state. While long rides are still important to accomplish, I find it more appealing to raise intensity and lower volume during the harsh winters I have in my home state of Michigan. That way I’m getting just as good of workouts and don’t get burned out from sitting on a trainer all winter.

3. Have a plan! Even if it’s just to do something every day. That’s still a plan. You’d be surprised how much more you’re committed when you just simply write things down!

4. Don’t look as a bump in the road as a setback. Look for other opportunities within it. Last year I suffered a contusion in my knee, which put me out of cycling and running for nearly 6 weeks. I thought my life was over, but I ended up just concentrating on my swim, which I ended up taking over 3 minutes off my swim time in just those six weeks. With every setback, there’s an opportunity for a comeback.

Jacob's first career win!

Jacob’s first career win!

A little bit more about Jacob, from Jacob:

I am junior with Education Major at the University of Michigan. I am excited about being able to give back to a sport that has given so much to me and being able to spread your passion with others who are passionate about identical things. In addition to competing on the University of Michigan triathlon team, I am also an assistant coach at a local high school for the cross country/track teams. I began triathlons two years ago coming from a serious running background. In high school I played ran cross country, track, and played basketball.

…And the Traveling Begins!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetStarted a crazy (and exciting) week of travel today!

New Jersey –> New York City –> Boston –> California!

Can’t wait to take on the Triathlon Business International Conference with Kaitlin. We fly out tomorrow morning from Boston to LAX, and my speech is on Monday. Stay tuned for updates about all of the cool triathlon-related happenings at the conference! For more information on the conference, click here.

Tri Hard,



Convincing Friends to Race!

Ryan, Caity, Stephanie, and I at Buzzard's Bay Triathlon in September

Ryan, Caity, Stephanie, and I at Buzzard’s Bay Triathlon in September

I started doing triathlons my sophomore year of high school and I always had to train by myself since I didn’t know any triathletes my age. Clearly this was before I discovered YoungTri :). I would always beg my friends to sign up for a race with me, but my desperation scared everyone away. They thought triathlons were terrifying and no one wanted to compete in a race that required more effort than the typical 5ks everyone did in our town.

Eventually one day I convinced my best friend to train with me, and we went for an slow three mile run. I was excited I had finally convinced someone… Until my friend couldn’t make it past mile 1. Alright, back to square one.

About a year later,  I somehow persuaded another friend to actually sign up for a race. I had definitely done it this time, I could finally race with a friend! My friend is notoriously lazy and she ended up only running twice and swimming once before race day (while I had been training daily for 2 months ha). Race day rolled around and there was a huge thunderstorm. The bad weather scared my friend and she didn’t want to bike on wet roads (so she said). She completed the swim portion of the triathlon, then DNFed.
I was unsuccessful yet again!!!

This past fall I FINALLY succeeded in inducing a friend to complete a race with me. My roommate, Stephanie, is very active and spontaneous- the perfect kind of person to target. We randomly went for a 7.5 mile run one day and she was impressed she made it that far since she isn’t a frequent runner. I seized this opportunity of her being confident in her endurance capabilities and encouraged her to sign up for a race I had coming up in a couple weeks. She agreed and I was ecstatic!

We both finished the race and had a lot of fun. Our friends Ryan (who lives in our dorm at school) and Caity (YT prez) also competed, which made race weekend even more exciting.

After 5 years of begging friends to try triathlon, I finally understand the most effective marketing strategy. First off, one must target the right friend. Try to think of friends you have who are already swimmers or runners. Since they are already athletes, they will be more inclined to try a sport that they are slightly familiar with.

Second, talk about how fun races are! Describe how exhilarating it is to cross the finish line and how accomplished they will feel. Obviously don’t make a race sound too daunting because who wants to try a scary sport? No one, really.

Sand sculpture at the Nautica South Beach Triathlon!

Sand sculpture at the Nautica South Beach Triathlon!

Lastly, make the race into a weekend trip. When I compete in Miami, my dad and I drive down the day before so we can have time to walk around South Beach. This past fall Caity and I tried to plan a fun weekend on the Cape in Massachusetts, which made us even more excited about the race. Our plan ended up falling through since we had no car, but that’s another story.

So now that you know how to persuade (and how not to persuade) your friends, let us know how it goes! Email us at


Beating the January Blues: Indoors and Outdoors!

It can be tough to beat the Janurary blues and get up off the couch and work out… but YoungTri members are doing just that (indoors AND outdoors)!

photo 2-22

YoungTri Ambassador Ariana from CT braving the cold for an outdoor group ride!

photo 1-23

YoungTri Youth Ambassador Luke from NE completing his 8 mile indoor bike and 2 mile run! Wow!

How do you prefer to beat the January blues through triathlon? Indoors? Outdoors? A little bit of both?

Tri Hard,