Greens, Greens, and More Greens! 3 Quick & Easy Ways to Add More to Your Diet

Greens are so important to incorporate into your daily diet — they are nutritional powerhouses, and rich sources of minerals (plus, they are super low calorie)! (And… they were named one of the 10 most essential types of foods for endurance athletes by Triathlete Magazine)

Here are my three favorite ways of incorporating greens into my daily diet:

Kale Juice

Even if you’re not trying a cleanse, kale juice is a great way to fill up on some greens during the day. I like to have some in the morning and after workouts.

Some kale juice after a run last week! We buy locally from a place called Nectar Cafe in my town.

Some kale juice after a run last week! This juice is bought locally from a place called Nectar Cafe in my town.

Kale Chips

Make your own… they’re super tasty and SO healthy! The only ingredients are kale, sea salt, and olive oil.

Easy & Yummy!

Easy & Yummy!

Simple Salad with Bella Dressing

I try to have a mixed green salad with my favorite dressing every day. (Bella’s balsamic dressings are AWESOME… I like the pomegranate and strawberry flavors. They only have 10-20 calories per serving, and 2-5 grams of sugar). Simple salads are a great complement to a meal if you’re really hungry and need a quick fix — and can serve as its own meal if you add some protein (like chicken or steak) and other toppings (I like strawberries, almonds, and raisins)!

Best. Dressing. Ever.

Best. Dressing. Ever.

What are your favorite ways to incorporate greens into your diet?

Tri Hard,