Beating the January Blues: Family Fitness Contests

Let me preface this post by saying:Β My family is a bit crazy.

(In a good way, of course πŸ™‚ )

There are 11 triathletes in my family — and we all share the love of competing and talking about the swim, bike, and run world. It makes the sport so much more enjoyable — because we always have someone to relate to, no matter what.

Besides the normal friendly competition in races, the Beggs are notorious for little, fun fitness/random contests when we get together. When my cousins Erin, Billy, and Molly and my Aunt Leah & Uncle Bill stopped by on their way home from Florida, we enjoyed a nice dinner and relaxed.Β And then… things got interesting. We decided to have a family plank contest.

photo 1-36

Obligatory pre-contest selfie

It was silly and fun, and six of us planked until we dropped. There was some attempts at distractions, lots of screaming, and lots of laughing.

photo 2-32

Right after… and the three winners πŸ™‚

My aunt Leah won, I came in second, and Molly came in third! It was a silly way to bring our summer tri family competitions into the winter months.

We’ve had other fun family contests in 5ks, swimming, recreational games, and more. There’s nothing better than friendly competition πŸ™‚

It dropped down to 2 degrees in New Jersey that night… and made us look forward to the warm summer months of racing and relaxing even more. Until then, we’ll have to settle for beating the January blues by fun indoor family contests… like planking πŸ™‚

Do you and your family ever participate in fun fitness contests together?

Tri Hard,