Top 5 Reasons to Tri


1. You master three sports – not just one. What’s better than that?

2. The t-shirts. Are you really an Ironman if you don’t own at least 10 pieces of Ironman gear? Did you really do that sprint if you don’t wear the shirt to the gym the day after the event?

3. The people. Triathlon is one of the most inspirational sports out there. Try to find a race where you don’t come across at least one person who has a meaningful reason for competing. Almost impossible. Besides this, there’s really nothing better than tri friends 🙂

4. The places. There are races of all distances (from sprint to Ironman) around the world — making triathlon the perfect excuse to travel. (Check out these 10 races that are the best excuse for a vacation)

5. It’s a sport for life. Whether you’re 7 or 75, you. can. still. compete. Which can’t be said about most sports. (Check out this article about the world’s oldest triathlete)

What are some of your top reasons to tri?

Tri Hard,