Tri Tweets: Fifteen Favorites to Follow (Part 1: Some Pros)

Each week in our newsletter (sign up here!), we feature a few of our favorite tri twitter accounts. The YoungTri Team thought we’d compile fifteen of our favorites (in no particular order – more coming soon) to show you a few more of our favorites!

This fifteen is going to focus on pros. More soon! Enjoy 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 3.28.56 PM.jpgBe sure to follow YoungTri on Twitter 🙂 @theYoungTri

ONE || Dave Scott

TWO || Craig Alexander

THREE || Linsey Corbin

FOUR || TJ Tollakson

FIVE || Belinda Granger

SIX || Julie Dibens

SEVEN || Sarah Haskins

EIGHT || Andy Potts

NINE || Amanda Lovato

TEN || Chrissie Wellington

ELEVEN || Hunter Kemper

TWELVE || Chris Lieto


FOURTEEN || Mirinda Carfrae

FIFTEEN || Matty Reed

What are your favorite triathlon-related twitter accounts to follow? Who should we add to our next list?

Tri Hard,