The Top 3 (De)motivational Tactics: A Guide to the Little Things We Do to TRY to Get Ourselves to Work Out

(…That Don’t Always Work Out)

1. The “If I put on my workout clothes I’ll have to workout”

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. It’s as if the change of clothes will change your mind too. I guess it works out sometimes, but when it doesn’t, it can get weird. You can walk around your house in your sneakers and t-shirt (maybe your YoungTri shirt?) all you want, but you just aren’t feeling it. Then when you finally accept it, and change back out of the workout clothes, it’s a feeling of disappointment.

I’ve gone full days without running but in my running clothes. It’s almost like my workout becomes walking around my house or laying or my bed, or more than likely, getting a snack. It may not be a workout, but at least you tried!

2. The “In five minutes” routine

It’s 3:55. Why bother getting up until 4 o’clock? But then you’re sitting down for a little too long and 3:55 turns into 4:02. Now you might as well wait until 4:10. Oh, it’s 4:11? I guess 4:15 it is.

This is a pretty common motivation/procrastination tool. Before you know it, that 3:55 turns into a 4:41 and you don’t really have time for that bike ride anymore.


Hey, at least you tried.

3. The “I’m just waiting for my food to digest”

This one is somewhat reasonable. Who wants to run on a full stomach? Not me. It’s best to wait until that full stomach is more like a half stomach. Just don’t wait until you have an empty stomach.

See, the full and empty thing worked, but the half one seemed off. Weird, huh? Anyway, I usually end up not working out when this is my “motivational”.

Good luck getting off the couch,