Top Ten Tri Stats from Triathlon Business International Conference

Kaitlin and I learned so much about the sport at the TBI Conference!

Kaitlin and I learned so much about the sport at the TBI Conference!

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1. There were 193 Youth Triathlons in 2004, and this number rose to 1,046 by 2012.

2. In 2005, less than 1% of USAT Members were youth (7-17 demographic). By 2012, this number rose to 35%.

(I used the above two figures in my speech — which I will be posting on YT this week — the next 8 were featured in a presentation at TBI by Gary Roethenbaugh of Multisport Research).

3. Overall participation in triathlon is up 111% since 2007.

4. Triathlon (Traditional) is the third fastest-growing sport in the United States, after Non-Traditional/Off Road Triathlons and adventure racing

5. The average age of a triathlete is 38.

6. 77% of Triathletes train for 5 or more hours a week.

7. There is a 193% rise in the number of triathletes who race 10+ times per year since 2007

8. Triathletes post triathlon-related information on social media less about triathlon participation, more about the triathlon experience/impact (brands, events, etc.)

9. When asked “What does it mean to be a triathlete?”, the most common response from triathletes worldwide incorporated the words challenge, confidence, and variety.

10. Average triathlete spends $4,000+ on triathlon-related costs – gear, travel, race registration, etc.

Fascinating, huh? Triathlon’s growth is so exciting 🙂

Tri Hard,