Mini Triathlon This Weekend


BU’s pool (source:

This Saturday I’m doing Boston University’s “Tri-A-Triathlon.” Even though I’ve tried a triathlon (maybe more than “a” triathlon) before, I’m still excited to consecutively swim, bike, and run! It’s a mini indoor race, meaning there’s a 200m swim in a pool, a 15 minute ride on a stationary bike, finishing with a mile run around the indoor track.


The indoor track (source:

I’ve never done a race structured like this before- I typically stick to standard outdoor sprints, so I’m eager to try something different. I’m really looking forward to this event, especially since I haven’t raced since September. I’m going to convince some of my friends to race with me (see my other post about how to do this), so it should be a fun day.

If you’re in the Boston area, you can do the race too! Sign up at

Have you ever done a non-traditional triathlon before?