What to Eat Before a Long Workout

When the miles in my training plan started to get into the double digits, I was scared I wasn’t going to have enough energy on my runs. I purposely ate big dinners full of carbs so that I would have enough energy for two hours of running.

Well, this backfired on me and I didn’t feel that great while running, plus I felt awful after completing each run. One day after running 13 miles I even managed to catch a fever.

I knew this was probably related to my nutrition, so I did a little research and even called my dad, who’s a triathlete as well, to see what I was doing wrong.

Everyone knows that it’s good to carb-up before a big workout or race, but what exactly does this mean?

According to my research, this does NOT mean to eat a huge dinner the night before. In fact, it means to eat a normal sized meal but to make sure you are not too full. Around 65% of your calories should come from carbs, which you can get from pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, fruit, and vegetables. Protein is good to have in your meal as well.

On the day of your long workout, the food you should be eating varies depending on the amount of time you have to let the food digest.

3-4 hours before:



-toast with peanut butter

-energy bar



 2-3 hours before:





1 hour before:


-energy gels

-sports drink


GUs are great for fueling

Next Thursday I’ll discuss what to eat during your long workout!

Have a good day of training 🙂