An Indoor Biker’s Guide Against Boredom

Bike shoes, bike gloves, that thing that holds the front tires, and …Netflix? 

A two hour bike on a trainer can be quite monotonous. The same motion over and over — sometimes at the same cadence and speed for long periods of time. It can get boring. There is not a crowd cheering you on or interesting trees or street signs to keep your mind on anything but the bike.

When biking outside, this is not as big of an issue. For one, you have to remain focused to be safe. Not only that, but the world that is whizzing by is often interesting enough to entertain.

When biking inside, on the other hand, boredom is a large issue. Some people turn to music. Some people turn to listening to books. And some people watch tv. Unfortunately for me, there is not very often a good show on when I am biking, and there is only so much “on demand”.

My solution? A stool, my laptop, some headphones, and a Netflix account. Two hours doesn’t seem so long when I’m watching my favorite show or movie. An action movie can make me increase my speed just as much as any pump up song. My favorite character running from an explosion is enough to keep me going. Even just a sitcom is enough for me.

Movies = Instant Workout Motivators

Movies = Instant Workout Motivators

When it comes to biking, music doesn’t have to be the only thing coming out of your headphones.

Stay Classy YoungTri,