Mighty Mujer Triathlon in El Paso, TX

Last month Caity and I attended Boston University’s Tri-a-triathlon, which was a super sprint indoor race. It was a lot of fun and many participants were beginners!

Similar to that race is the Mighty Mujer Triathlon on April 19th in El Paso, Texas. Mighty Mujer is a woman only super-sprint tri. Since triathlon is a male dominated sport, the all female component is exciting for it encourages more women to compete.


Source: Rudy Gutierrez – El Paso Times

So what does “super-sprint” mean? A 300 yard pool swim, 15K bike ride, followed by a 2 mile run.

If you live in Texas, or want to fly to Texas for this race you should sign up before it’s too late! There’s only 150 spots left.

To learn more, check out their website and watch the promo video here!

Email us at info@youngtri.com if you plan on racing!


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