Running Without Instruments


My beloved pink Garmin.

Ever since I received my Garmin watch as a birthday gift a couple years ago, I have rarely run without it. The only reasons why I don’t wear it during a run is I either forgot to bring it or forgot to charge it. My watch keeps me on track to reach my goals. It’s great always knowing how fast I am going and how many miles I’ve hit.¬†Many other watches take it to the next level with a heart-rate monitor component as well.

Although knowing all this information about your workout can be very beneficial, sometimes it’s good to just get out and swim, bike, or run without counting how far or how fast you are going. In my opinion, working out is the best way to clear your mind and to stay sane.¬†

At the end of the day, exercising is exercising. Sometimes you just need to go train for fun without measuring your performance.