Socks: Have you found your favorite pair for training?

Growing up, I never liked getting socks as a birthday or Christmas present from my family. “What’d you get for Christmas?” “Socks.” So not cool.

It’s funny how my attitude towards socks drastically changed after becoming a triathlete and yet again when I started going to school in New England (everyone here is obsessed with socks).


Injinji toe socks seem to be popular with distance runners.

In triathlon, socks actually play a big part in your performance. The wrong socks give you blisters, those blisters annoy you, and in turn you don’t have a pleasant workout. Playing basketball my whole life, I have always had issues with blisters. I used to have to wear two pairs of socks for all practices and games to protect my feet. However, that’s not usually feasible in a running shoe, plus you shouldn’t have to wear two pairs of socks!


I’m also a fan of these Throlo Experia socks.

After having foot problems this summer, I went to my local running store and asked the salesman which pair of socks was his favorite. He immediately responded with Balenga. After using my Balenga socks for almost a year, I agree with the salesman’s choice. I finally solved my blister issues. 


My favorite socks.

The type of sock that works best for you doesn’t always work for everyone else. If you’re having sock issues, I suggest trying out different styles and brands to find which kind your feet like best. Unfortunately, trial-and-error is the most effective process in finding the best triathlon products for your specific needs.

What brand or style of socks is your favorite?


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