Jet. Lag.

Traveling is always so much fun — exploring a new place, getting some time away from home/school — (and, in the case of this weekend, racing in a new location)! Nationals was an amazing experience – and it was definitely a trek to get from Arizona to Boston and back! 🙂

One of the worst parts that comes along with traveling is definitely jet lag. When your body’s clock is off, or you’re forced to take a night off from sleep from a red eye flight, it can throw your entire mind/body chemistry out of whack. And after 13.5 hours of traveling, I can definitely say that I’m in that state right now.

A weird habit that I have when I travel is that I always time my total travels – the time it takes to get from one door to another (hotel-home). I also have to wear sneakers in the airport, and I always bring a sleep mask to attempt to get some sleep :). Packing food (granola, Kind Bars, fruit) is another must for me!


What are some of your travel musts & ways to deal with jet lag? (Right now, my advice = SLEEP).

Tri Hard (to get some sleep after traveling),


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