Tempe: Town With a Ton of Triathletes (This Weekend)

Hot, Hot, Hot.

Arizona was SO. HOT.

Besides stating the obvious…this was not the kind of heat this Jersey/Boston girl is used to. But, it was AWESOME. I was smiling all weekend from the constant amazing weather. And being surrounded by so many triathletes!

Before I get into the race report and other fun details of the weekend (coming tomorrow and Thursday), I wanted to start off with an overall picture of Tempe. See below for some of my favorite pics of AZ 🙂

Not only is Tempe the home to Tempe Town Lake (the site of the swim start) and lots of triathletes! Fusion Cycles is located in nearby Scottsdale.


Tempe Town Lake


Exploring Tempe Town Lake with YT UConn Ambassador Ariana!


Swim Start


Draft Legal Swim Start


The Finish Line!





More from Tempe Soon. Now back to getting rid of that jet lag 🙂

Tri Hard,


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