Create a Triathlon Team At Your School!

Since triathlon is a relatively new sport, not all schools have a team in place: including my university. Because of this, I don’t have too many triathlete friends here at school, and I usually train by myself. If your school is without a tri team like mine, don’t let this discourage you- create a team yourself!


Despite not having an official school team; Stephanie, Ryan, and I (all Boston College students) competed together this past fall.


Check with your sports office on which channel is best for creating a new team. My school advised me to apply within the Club Sports office. My friend, Ryan, and I are currently working on submitting the application. We hope to create a team so that we can train and race with friends while representing the school that we love.


Me and Ryan: the hopeful co-founders of the Boston College Triathlon Team

When creating a team, it’s important to:

1. Garner interest by telling your friends and posting on your school’s Facebook group

2. Find out what conference you’d be competing in and look at previous years’ schedules

3. Start thinking about what team practices would entail

4. Research kits and gauge pricing

5. Have fun!

I’m working on communicating with other schools to get tips on starting a triathlon club. If you have any advice, email me at :). Also email me if you’re a student at Boston College and are interested in joining the team!