Core with Kristen: Parts 2 & 3!

For part 1, click here.



Win more medals with a stronger core!

Core #2

• Swiss Ball Pike

• Swiss Ball Plank

• Swiss Ball Sit-up w/Rotation

• Medicine Ball V-ups: Facing up; body fully extended; flex so that the upper

and lower body touch

• Medicine Ball Bicycle Kicks: Facing up; body fully extended with the med ball

held with both hands in the center of the upper body; flex 1 leg at the knee

white rotating the med ball to the leg being flexed

Core #3

• Pike

• Plank

• Left & Right Plank

• Kettlebell Rotation Swing: Clasp both hands on KB; rotate to side with arms

fully extended

• Kettlebell Right & Left Windmill: I had to Google this because the directions

don’t make sense J

• Barbell (or ab wheel) Rollout: Knees on the ground with barbell or ab wheel

in front; roll out as far as possible; return to beginning position

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