Favorite Runs: Olivia

As runners, we all know that feeling when you know that you had one of your best runs ever. There are always those runs where you just have to trudge through to get the miles down and workout done, but when everything falls into place, there is no better feeling. We chase (literally) the pure joy that comes with those beyond perfect runs. Here is my list of my top 4 runs:

1. Just today was probably my favorite run ever. I ran along the bay in Portland, Maine and the ocean smell, sunset, and view was too great to put into words. Everything fell into place, and it was just awesome.

2. This was a run on a sunday night during cross country. I dragged myself out of the house, but once I started running, I felt like I could run forever. (if you couldn’t tell, I love these sunset runs)

3. A run with my good friend, Sarah. I couldn’t have been happier running. I loved talking about great things and spending time with her.

4. A run in the rain along part of the Lake Placid Ironman Course. The rain made it feel pretty awesome, and running on the same course as ironmen is pretty awesome. I felt better than I had the season so far, and we all know that that’s the best feeling ever.

What runs have made your list of your favorite runs??