Favorite Runs: Olivia

As runners, we all know that feeling when you know that you had one of your best runs ever. There are always those runs where you just have to trudge through to get the miles down and workout done, but when everything falls into place, there is no better feeling. We chase (literally) the pure joy that comes with those beyond perfect runs. Here is my list of my top 4 runs:

1. Just today was probably my favorite run ever. I ran along the bay in Portland, Maine and the ocean smell, sunset, and view was too great to put into words. Everything fell into place, and it was just awesome.

2. This was a run on a sunday night during cross country. I dragged myself out of the house, but once I started running, I felt like I could run forever. (if you couldn’t tell, I love these sunset runs)

3. A run with my good friend, Sarah. I couldn’t have been happier running. I loved talking about great things and spending time with her.

4. A run in the rain along part of the Lake Placid Ironman Course. The rain made it feel pretty awesome, and running on the same course as ironmen is pretty awesome. I felt better than I had the season so far, and we all know that that’s the best feeling ever.

What runs have made your list of your favorite runs??





Remembering the Marathon

Exactly one year ago, the unthinkable happened.

A holiday in the city of Boston became a day marred by tragedy.


Me and my friends the morning of the marathon last year.

Marathon Monday, as the Bostonians call it, is one of the biggest days of the year in Beantown. The race has traditionally fallen on Patriot’s Day, so most schools in the area have the day off. My university is located at Mile 21 of the marathon, and most students wake up at 7am (which is extremely early for a typical college student) to begin celebrating the iconic race.


Me, Stephanie, and Kelly cheering on runners.

Around 2:45pm, I was playing corn hole at my friend’s house along the course of the race. People came out to the deck where I was and rushed me inside. As I reentered the house, everyone was silent and staring at the TV. I was puzzled to why everyone’s spirits had so quickly faded. As I began to piece together what had happened, tears began to roll down my cheeks. My good friend, along with many other BC students, had just jumped into the marathon at mile 21 to run the remaining 5 miles. Thankfully everyone I personally knew was safe; however, that was not the case for all. Three people died and 264 were injured.

As a triathlete, as a runner, that day’s events really hit me hard. A sport that I loved so much was hurting. Many of my fellow runners had taken their last steps.

Copley Square; a place I visited regularly to eat dinner, shop, and even just to walk around; was now a memorial. How could such a great event turn into one of chaos and sorrow?


A small piece of the infinite amount of flowers in Copley Square a few weeks after the marathon.

The way the city of Boston came together was amazing to watch. Directly following the bombings, many bystanders risked their lives to tend to the injured. Citizens who lived near the race course welcomed runners into their homes to keep them safe. Policemen worked day and night to ensure the safety of the people.


Kam, Alex, me, and Romée celebrating Boston following the capture of the terrorist. Everyone on campus wore red, white and blue that night.

The days following Marathon Monday were very sad, yet incredibly inspiring. Everyone here was so proud to live in such a unique, historic city. There’s something special about Boston that words cannot describe. There is just so much love for this city. The Bostonians are strong, tough, and brave. They love their sports, their food, their history, and most importantly their freedom. Despite only living in Boston for less than two years, I feel an incredible connection to this area of the country and I will always consider it my second home.

So keep running, Boston, as you have been doing. This is our city and we decide how to run it.


Core with Kristen: Parts 2 & 3!

For part 1, click here.



Win more medals with a stronger core!

Core #2

• Swiss Ball Pike

• Swiss Ball Plank

• Swiss Ball Sit-up w/Rotation

• Medicine Ball V-ups: Facing up; body fully extended; flex so that the upper

and lower body touch

• Medicine Ball Bicycle Kicks: Facing up; body fully extended with the med ball

held with both hands in the center of the upper body; flex 1 leg at the knee

white rotating the med ball to the leg being flexed

Core #3

• Pike

• Plank

• Left & Right Plank

• Kettlebell Rotation Swing: Clasp both hands on KB; rotate to side with arms

fully extended

• Kettlebell Right & Left Windmill: I had to Google this because the directions

don’t make sense J

• Barbell (or ab wheel) Rollout: Knees on the ground with barbell or ab wheel

in front; roll out as far as possible; return to beginning position

Enjoy the Sun!

It’s FINALLY spring! Did you work out outside today?! I enjoyed a 5 mile run along the Charles and it was amazing – not too hot, not too cold. Can’t wait for more outdoor workouts 🙂


Core with Kristen: Part 1

Thanks so much to YoungTri Member Kristen for this awesome core set! Check out her results below 🙂

Stay tuned for more of her core sets soon! You can follow her on Instagram here.

Amazing abs!

Core #1:

Swiss Ball Pike: Push-up position with back arched; hold as long as possible

Plank: Hold as long as possible

Left & Right Plank: Hold as long as possible on each side

Swiss Ball Sit-up w/Rotation: Facing up with arms across chest; shoulder to opposite knee

Swiss Ball Back Extension: Facing down on ball; legs straight; lift legs as high as possible

Swiss Ball Push-up: Facing down in pushup position with hands on the ball

Create a Triathlon Team At Your School!

Since triathlon is a relatively new sport, not all schools have a team in place: including my university. Because of this, I don’t have too many triathlete friends here at school, and I usually train by myself. If your school is without a tri team like mine, don’t let this discourage you- create a team yourself!


Despite not having an official school team; Stephanie, Ryan, and I (all Boston College students) competed together this past fall.


Check with your sports office on which channel is best for creating a new team. My school advised me to apply within the Club Sports office. My friend, Ryan, and I are currently working on submitting the application. We hope to create a team so that we can train and race with friends while representing the school that we love.


Me and Ryan: the hopeful co-founders of the Boston College Triathlon Team

When creating a team, it’s important to:

1. Garner interest by telling your friends and posting on your school’s Facebook group

2. Find out what conference you’d be competing in and look at previous years’ schedules

3. Start thinking about what team practices would entail

4. Research kits and gauge pricing

5. Have fun!

I’m working on communicating with other schools to get tips on starting a triathlon club. If you have any advice, email me at kadams@youngtri.com :). Also email me if you’re a student at Boston College and are interested in joining the team!


Biggest Support in the Sport: Brandon

My name is Brandon Nix and I am a training half ironman triathlete striving to get my pro card this year. The one person that always keeps me on my toes when I start slipping off my training is my dad Brent Nix. He is my coach, manager, training partner, nutritionist but most of all my friend.


In my four years of triathlons my dad has always been there to support me mentally and physically. When I hit the mental dumps he was always there to lift me up and point me in the right direction. When I got injured he was the one helping me get better. Up until this year I was always struggling to keep up with him but now he is having to invest into a moped to keep up with me on the bike and a kayak for the open water swims.


Regardless, I always love having him there with me training and to have him at every race. He is my best support. He is my dad.

Who’s your biggest support in the sport? Email info@youngtri.com!

Tempe: Town With a Ton of Triathletes (This Weekend)

Hot, Hot, Hot.

Arizona was SO. HOT.

Besides stating the obvious…this was not the kind of heat this Jersey/Boston girl is used to. But, it was AWESOME. I was smiling all weekend from the constant amazing weather. And being surrounded by so many triathletes!

Before I get into the race report and other fun details of the weekend (coming tomorrow and Thursday), I wanted to start off with an overall picture of Tempe. See below for some of my favorite pics of AZ 🙂

Not only is Tempe the home to Tempe Town Lake (the site of the swim start) and lots of triathletes! Fusion Cycles is located in nearby Scottsdale.


Tempe Town Lake


Exploring Tempe Town Lake with YT UConn Ambassador Ariana!


Swim Start


Draft Legal Swim Start


The Finish Line!





More from Tempe Soon. Now back to getting rid of that jet lag 🙂

Tri Hard,