Boston Marathon: YoungTri Ambassador Jessica’s Experience

Running the Boston Marathon was an amazing experience, pure and simple. Every step of the run, crowds of spectators cheered us on. Offering us water, Gatorade, beer, ribs, twizzlers.. you name it, they had it.Writing my name all over me in sharpie was the best idea, because people everywhere were eager to yell our names “Go Jess, go Jessie” as well as high five us along the route.


At the finish!

This is not to say that the marathon was easy. I have only run half marathons before and the longest I had run up to race day was 18. Unfortunately at mile 18 I experienced excruciating back pain, forcing me to walk for a bit. The rest of the race was off and on running, but what really pushed me to keep going was the support from the crowds and signs along the way saying “this year everyone finishes”. I wanted to help make that happen and in under 4 hours, I was there!




The first hour after was terribly painful, but after talking to other people who had completed 4-9 marathons, I feel ready to sign up for my next.

I truly believe that anyone can run a marathon. A person in my fundraising group admitted that before 9 months ago she could not run more than 1-mile. And on Monday, she completed the marathon in less than 6 hours. Anyone can run a marathon as long as they have the desire to work harder than they have probably worked before to do so.

Tufts Cross Country Team!

Tufts Cross Country Team!

If you’ve always wanted to run a marathon, SIGN UP! You can do it 🙂