How to Find the Motivation to Train

Do you ever find yourself unenthusiastic about exercising or frequently skipping workouts? Sometimes you’re just too tired, too busy, or just not in the mood to go bike 30 miles. But you know what- you’re a triathlete. The definition of this sport is learning how to push yourself. Get off the couch and go do that workout!


Love training with Caity!

Here are some tips on how to motivate yourself: 

Just put on the workout clothes. I once read in a fitness magazine that by simply putting on your workout clothes, it greatly increases the chances of you working out. Whenever I’m going back and forth about whether to go for a run, I immediately throw on running shorts and a moisture-wick shirt.  Before I know it, I’ve hit the pavement. Works every time. 🙂

Make a routine. Making a schedule helps to keep yourself accountable and it will increase the likelihood of getting in your daily exercise. I swim every Monday night and take a spin class every Wednesday. I try to fill in the rest of the days with running. Take it up a notch from my routine: make a training calendar and plan what workout you will do each day!

Train with friends. Lately I’ve been running with my roommate, and I really enjoy it. We talk the whole time and we are both able to run a few miles more than we usually do on solo runs. Working out with friends can help motivate you to get out and exercise, and sometimes you can even get a better workout in than you would on your own!

Find new routes. My favorite part about running is discovering new things. I’m an explorer at heart; Columbus is my guy.  I purposely get lost on runs, but I pay attention to what turns I make, so I’m never truly lost. I always find the prettiest houses and neatest restaurants on my training adventures. A couple weeks ago I even found a forest conservation! I definitely recommend running with a phone though- in case you get lost for real. Plus, you can take pictures of the cool places you find!

Make a training time. What time of day best fits into your schedule? I always train in the afternoon after my classes, but sometimes I train at night if I’m going to swim or spin. Getting up early to workout doesn’t work for me because I’m too rushed getting ready before my first class. However, I have many friends who like to wake up early to workout to make sure they fit it into their day. Find what works for you and stick to it.

What strategies do you use to motivate yourself?