Thought for the Day: What You Think is What You Are

tumblr_mowx46Gy2Q1qb13xjo1_400Lately, I’ve been trying to give myself more of a break with my thoughts. To not obsess as much over the past, what could’ve been. To focus on the present.

And you know what? It makes a world of a difference.

Happiness may be a sort of a choice — but it’s not an easy one. It takes time, and is a foundation that is built upon and developed each day.

Sometimes, we need to go through periods of sadness so that when we come out on the other side, happiness and consistent thoughts can be appreciated much more. Roadblocks color the edges of our lives at times; affecting the quality of life not only through the arduous task of overcoming these circumstances, but also through consistently keeping our thoughts positive. If you’re going through a rough patch, remind yourself that it’s okay to be sad for a short period of time. Mourn what’s lost. What could’ve been. Scream. Cry. Run out your feelings. Whatever it takes. But I think that the key to long-term happiness — to not letting short-term sadness become long term — is to monitor your own thoughts.

Forgive yourself. What’s done is done. You have tomorrow. You have today. You have the rest of your life. Whether you’ve seriously been slacking on training, had a horrible race — or are dealing with recent personal struggles (which can definitely affect training), forgiveness is key. Obsessing over situations and trying to fix what’s done isn’t always best. Move on. Live.

Obsessive and negative thoughts can negatively affect training quite seriously. Living by the sentiment that “the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts” is something for which we should all strive — because your thoughts run you. Remind yourself through your thoughts that you deserve happiness. Happiness brings with it a better life {and better training results}! Monitor your thoughts. For what you think is what you are.

How have you been trying to think positively lately? Has it been working?

Tri Hard,