NYC Adventures: Squeeze in a Quick Workout and Take a Day Trip!

New York City.

It’s only about a half hour from my house, and I definitely should go in more — I don’t make the trip as often as I should.

However, this weekend I spent the day in the city with three friends (two of which I technically met through YoungTri). Kaitlin was visiting from Florida and loves the city — and my friend Connor is a part of Enstitue and lives in NYC — check it out here.

We walked through Riverside Park, Central Park, got brunch at Sarabeth’swent to the Guggenheim museum (which was awesome — the brushwork in Van Gogh’s “Montagnes à Saint-Rémy” was stunning), ate Tapas for dinner, and headed home later that evening.

More than anything, it was quite fun to spend the day with three friends and explore the city. I woke up early that morning, squeezed in a quick run, and had an enjoyable rest of the day off from training.

Looking for something fun to do this upcoming weekend? Schedule it around training! If you live in a suburb of a major city, try a bike or run in the city rather than in your hometown! (Maybe even go as far as to plan a training weekend with friends or family in a nearby destination!) If you’re looking for something a little bit more low-key but don’t want to sacrifice an entire training day or weekend, plan out your short trips in advance. What time will you have to get up to squeeze in a bike? A run? An open water swim? You get the idea.

Plan it, make it happen, and have fun.

There’s a whole world out there to explore!

photo 1

heading into NYC!

photo 1-2

beautiful flowers!

photo 3

Sarabeth’s for brunch!

photo 3-1

Riverside park

photo 2

Riverside park


Guggenheim museum

photo 4

Brooklyn bridge


YoungTri friends! Haha

Thanks to Kaitlin for a lot of the pics 🙂

Tri Hard,


Sunny Runs & Sunset Swims

Today was a perfect training day (and also perfect for getting back into things after a week of being sick)! It was suuuuuper sunny and hot this morning, and extremely humid — I was dying a bit during my run! Luckily my iPod shuffle (and my new favorite songs like “The Way it Used to Be” by Mike Posner, “Money and the Power” by Kid Ink, and “Best I Ever Had” by Gavin DeGraw) saved me!


sunny, humid day in New Jersey!


neon & my iPod shuffle: my must-haves for running.

A couple hours after my run, my dad and I drove up to my grandma’s lake nearby (Pines Lake) and did a 2.2 mile open water swim. The water was beautiful and placid, and the humidity had died down — so the evening was a perfect temperature!


bridge over to pines lake


the lake


post-swim… in my monogrammed bathing suit and wetsuit. lol


post-swim selfie…hahah


so gorgeous!

Overall, a successful Ironman training day! Only 38 days left!

For what races are you training? What workouts did you do today?

Tri Hard,



There really isn’t anything like Lake Placid. Each year, as my family loads up our silver minivan (with a million bumper stickers of course), I look forward to driving through the Adirondack-lined roads up to beautiful Lake Placid. There’s something about the town that, besides its stark contrast to my New Jersey hometown, is sort of magical. It has a peaceful, rustic quality that I am lucky enough to share with the myriad other triathletes who spend the week in LP before Ironman.

As soon as my family arrived at the Golden Arrow, the memories rushed back. The feeling when you return to a familiar place after an extended period of time is like nothing else. What I was looking forward most to that week was watching my cousin Erin complete Ironman.

My cousin Erin has been my best friend since birth. She has always been a positive influence in my life. Sometimes I can get too stressed or high strung about situations… but when I am around Erin I feel a lot more relaxed. I was so excited to be able to be there to watch her achieve something so tremendous.

The week prior to Ironman was filled with tons of fun activities. My cousins and I went cliff diving (I didn’t actually jump this year due to foot issues, haha), out to a dinner/dance place, went shopping, running, swimming… you name it.

When the time for the athlete dinner came, I could sense the excitement amongst my family. I met Erin there with my dad. She was all dressed up and looked gorgeous, ready to be called up on stage as the youngest athlete completing the race. The athlete dinner at Lake Placid is a truly inspirational event. Through athlete videos, I was informed of countless inspirational stories.

Once Erin’s video was shown, she was called up on stage. Mike Reilly, the voice of Ironman, spoke to her about her thoughts for the race. She was humble (as always) and seemed really excited. The whole crowd was cheering for her. I was so happy to see her so happy and ready to race!

People kept coming up to me after the dinner telling me to wish my sister good luck. I decided not to correct them. Cousin is close enough 🙂

… In part two I’ll share the story about Erin’s race and the rest of the Lake Placid trip!