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140.6 at 16

So proud of & happy for my amazing brother TJ for the Full Distance finish last night at Challenge Atlantic City… Youngest finisher at 16! 2.4 swim, 112 bike, 26.2 run YOU GO TJ 😊

More on the race (& the exciting YoungTri announcement) soon!

Tri Hard,


Hey guys!

A friend of mine had to drop out of Ironman Lake Placid this week due to injury. 😦 He has a room at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort (on Mirror Lake with a private beach and spectacular view of the swim start) for 5 nights. Wednesday to Sunday. These rooms are sold out otherwise, so this is a great opportunity for you to stay at the Golden Arrow during Ironman Week!

I’ve stayed at the Golden Arrow every summer since 2007, and love hanging out at the private beach, kayaking, and hanging out at the beautiful resort.

Picture of the Golden Arrow I took from my room last summer

The location of the hotel also allows you to walk to the start of the race (perfect for open water swims during the week) in three minutes, and to be next to all of the main shops in downtown Lake Placid.

Another beautiful view from the Golden Arrow that I took last summer!

front view of the Golden Arrow

If you need a room please email or call 551-579-9370.

The Golden Arrow is super close to the swim start!

The cost of the room is $290 plus tax per night. I will be staying at the resort that week as well for the race!

Again, to inquire about the room please email or call 551-579-9370.

Tri Hard,

Boston Marathon: YoungTri Ambassador Jessica’s Experience

Running the Boston Marathon was an amazing experience, pure and simple. Every step of the run, crowds of spectators cheered us on. Offering us water, Gatorade, beer, ribs, twizzlers.. you name it, they had it.Writing my name all over me in sharpie was the best idea, because people everywhere were eager to yell our names “Go Jess, go Jessie” as well as high five us along the route.


At the finish!

This is not to say that the marathon was easy. I have only run half marathons before and the longest I had run up to race day was 18. Unfortunately at mile 18 I experienced excruciating back pain, forcing me to walk for a bit. The rest of the race was off and on running, but what really pushed me to keep going was the support from the crowds and signs along the way saying “this year everyone finishes”. I wanted to help make that happen and in under 4 hours, I was there!




The first hour after was terribly painful, but after talking to other people who had completed 4-9 marathons, I feel ready to sign up for my next.

I truly believe that anyone can run a marathon. A person in my fundraising group admitted that before 9 months ago she could not run more than 1-mile. And on Monday, she completed the marathon in less than 6 hours. Anyone can run a marathon as long as they have the desire to work harder than they have probably worked before to do so.

Tufts Cross Country Team!

Tufts Cross Country Team!

If you’ve always wanted to run a marathon, SIGN UP! You can do it 🙂


Break From Training

Do you ever feel like you need a break from training?



I know I do.

If I’m not specifically training for a race that I signed up for; I don’t enjoy swimming, biking, or running as much. It seems like a chore required to keep in shape and I find it difficult to fit into my schedule. 

Conversely, when I’m committing to a race, I make a training schedule and I love following it. I rarely miss a workout session because I enjoy preparing for a triathlon or road race by sticking to my plan.

Is anyone else like this too?

I need to hurry up and sign up for a few races this summer so that I can get back on track with my disciplined exercising!

Anyone in the Michigan Area Check This Out!


Come join the Michigan Triathlon at Half Moon Lake in Pinckney, Michigan on Sunday, July 27th for their annual Wolverine Sprint Triathlon. Distances are a 750 meter swim, 14 mile bike, and a 5k run.

Whether you’re a veteran looking to sharpen your skills or someone who is looking to compete in their first triathlon, this is the perfect venue for you.

As an MECTC certified race, you also get the chance to spectate some of the best collegiate triathletes in the conference all across the midwest.

Register here!

ATTENTION HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE STUDENTS: There is a coupon code for $15 off your entry fee. Just visit the Michigan Triathlon page and like the page. Then send a message through the page asking for the coupon code!

Boston Marathon Recap: Mile 21

I’ve watched and participated in many triathlons and road races before, however watching the Boston Marathon was different. And it was especially different from last year’s race.


Runners coming down the infamous “Heartbreak Hill”- arguably the most challenging segment of the course.


It seemed that each runner was running for a common purpose: to show that Boston is stronger than ever. The energy around the course was one of unity and pride. The spectators cheered louder and watched the race longer. It was truly incredible to be able to be present for such a defining moment in America’s history.


The women elite runners.

Watching the elite runner go by was incredible. I am always baffled by their endurance, for I cannot even run 1/26 of their race at the same speed. However, the most inspiring moment of that day was watching Rick and Dick Hoyt (Team Hoyt) run past me.


Team Hoyt passing through Boston College.

The Hoyts are from the Boston area and are familiar faces in the endurance sports scene. Rick is handicapped and in a wheelchair, so Dick, his father, pushes him throughout the entire race. They have been racing for the past 37 years and together they have competed in over 1,000 races (including 6 Ironmans). This race was the last one they’d do together, as Dick is now 73 and Rick 52.

Last year Dick came to my school and spoke about how anything is possible. Team Hoyt’s motto is: CAN. They have made incredible strides in the endurance world and continue to inspire individuals around the world. Take a moment to watch this video. I cry every time, which really means something because I never cry (ask Caity).

Watching the 2014 Boston Marathon was an inspiring day to say the least! What’s your favorite race to watch or compete in?

Look out for a blog post soon from two YoungTri members who ran the race!